Now Even Beefier

On September 4, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Jackson and I were driving down to Ventura awhile back when we came upon the Weinermobile, also driving south on the 101. I handed my camera back to Jackson and asked him to take some shots of it, and this is what we got. The Weinermobile! I was surprised to learn it has Wisconsin plates.



12 Responses to “Now Even Beefier”

  • Having seen that vehicle out on the open road myself, it is a vision that just makes me smile every time.

    And then the song gets stuck in my head….like right now

  • WAIT! I know someone who used to drive the Weinermobile. In Wisconsin no less. Her “handle” was diggitydog! Sent this link to her husband for their laugh of the day.

  • Love Love Love the Weiner mobile – nice camera work, Jackson!

    Do you think there’s only one WMB or that it’s like the blimp and there are regional WMB?

  • The Wienermobiles are actually Made In Goleta! I’ve run into them in Old Town at lunchtime more than once. My three-year-old son and I saw one pulling onto the southbound 101 from Carrillo the other day, and he has not.stopped.talking about it.

  • Yup. They park right near my house in Madison, WI! Imagine a parking lot with several Weinermobiles in varying sizes! It’ll blow your mind!

  • I’m surprised it didn’t have Panamanian plates.

  • I’ve seen the Wienermobile cruising around Bako a few times. What I wouldn’t give to take a ride in that wiener!

  • its one thing to see it out around holidays. it’s totally something else to see it during the day on say a wednesday…

  • I remember seeing the Weinermobile in a market parking lot in Santa Monica when I was probably about four years old. Little Oscar gave me a weiner whistle. (That’s what she said!)

  • If it was from Wisconsin, you’d think it would be a cheese dog.

  • Oh, the weinermobile. It lives just a few miles from me, over on the east side of Madison.

  • I recently visited the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan and they have the original 1952 Wienermobile as a part of the permanent collection. I was WAY too excited about that. (Very cool museum though if you’re in the area.)