Big Ears

On October 7, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

I mentioned I was wearing earrings again after a seven-year baby-to-second-grader hiatus? The Franz Kafka/Felice Bauer ones are on the verge of too heavy to wear but I like how they swing around and hit you in the cheek if you turn your head too fast. The James Joyce/Nora Barnacle ones were on shorter chains but I took them off because I was going to make a necklace(s) out of them. Someday I’ll get around to it.

Both pairs were made by my old upstairs Brooklyn neighbor, Ina Archer. She was taking a jewelry making class when she made these for me; I paid her $35 each for them in 1989. (She made Colette/Nabokov earrings for herself. The woman has good taste.) I wonder how much longer the photocopied portraits are going to hold up?



6 Responses to “Big Ears”

  • To be chucked on the cheek by Kaftka? That could change everything.

    I wonder if they pass letters to each other through your brain.

  • next up: a set of bracelets that make use of mccain’s “I have a bracelet” challenge and obama’s retort, “I ALSO have a bracelet.”

  • God damn, I love James Joyce. I’d totally wear him as a necklace.

  • I love the ridiculously fanciful links on the earrings. Also? Jewelry + stories from your past = Treasure.

  • oh man, these are soooo cool.
    I really want an Anais Nin/Henry Miller pair !!!

  • Every time I look at Felice Bauer’s smile, I imagine her teeth going up and down independently of one another, to the tune of the can can. I am not very intellectual.