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On October 28, 2009 by Eden M. Kennedy

1. In a sort of brilliant synthesis of a whole week of Monty Python and Sunday night’s episode of Mad Men, during the scene at the kitchen table where Betty’s grilling Don about his past, Jack said, “No one expects the Presbyterian Inquisition.”

2. I have a post up on the PBS website about their show about Michael Pollan’s wonderful and amazing book, “The Botany of Desire,” which airs tonight! Michael Pollan is kind of hot stuff, in a wordy, organic, things-are-bad-but-don’t-give-up-yet! kind of way. So two thumbs up for his brand of science-based, as opposed to guilt-based, environmental urgency.

3. I’m doing this thing where I’m not buying clothes for a year. I actually hadn’t bought any clothes or shoes or anything since February, right before my job started, until I broke my streak by purchasing two new long-sleeved t-shirts at the Gap in September. Yes, I’ve read about the woman who’s pledged to wear the same dress every day for a year, and while the idea certainly appeals, I don’t actually own anything sturdy or versatile enough to wear 365 days in a row. I’m also kind of over trying to contribute my every pitiful outfit to the Wardrobe Remix pool. So I’m just going to wear my boring clothes and shoes and not shop for anything new until October 1, 2010. Exceptions to this rule include clothing gifts (I am currently accepting Prada boots and antique whalebone corsets, if you’re interested in donating) and knitting projects that I began before January 1, 2009 but have only recently completed:

First pair of socks

Why am I doing this? Because not only do I hate shopping, I have more than enough clothes for the purpose of sitting in bed and writing all day. Shopping is a terrible form of entertainment and I’ve nearly broken myself of the habit but I really want total control over that “but wouldn’t it cheer me up to have something new to wear?” impulse.



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  • Love that attitude about shopping! SO true! The trick is to not substitute something worse, like eating or Facebook.

  • The halt of clothes-shopping for one year is an exciting idea. I would have to add accessories to the Do Not Buy List if this were going to work for me. Also, I dig the socks.

  • Diggin' those socks!

  • What about bras and/or underwear? Sometimes those things are as necessary as they are pleasant to buy — and sometimes bras just go batshit crazy berserk on you and kind of explode or implode for no discernable reason (well, other than long use) and you really just can't go without an adequate supply of that sort of thing. Or, correction — I can't (unless I want to register my chest as some sort of weapon).

  • Since I can't wear heels yet it was easy to stop shopping because little whore skirts don't go with high tops at my age. I think.

  • I may try this…Like you I have waaaayyyy more than enough and I stay at home so some days I just wear PJ's alllll day long…it is fantastic. So I am going to ponder doing this as well. Would it be fair to go buy a bunch of stuff before I commit?

  • It's probably been more than a year since I've bought clothing or shoes for myself. It's called being a single mom and having 2 kids and an ex who thinks that child support is optional.

  • I tried limiting myself to ONLY BLACK since it suits me in ever so many ways.

    Damned if I don't have a bunch of black stuff that still has incompatible shapes and tries hard to turn varying shades of mud. If they want to fire me I'll sue them for not respecting a period of mourning.

  • Suzy, I think that's actually very fashion-forward of you.

    So Eden, does that mean you are accepting goofy printed t-shirts? Because I am working on a series of Minnesota barns, and another of New Mexico pueblo churches.

  • You should check out Jane's blog – Work That Wardrobe –

    She did this July 08-July 09 and allowed gifts, vouchers that were gifts, and selling on eBay to raise funds. Her aim was to spend no new money on clothes & shoes.

  • Wow. That's a super idea. I'm a bit of a clothes-hog, so I could do with some time OUT of the stores. I think I'll start smaller and see if I can keep it up. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Amen. I've started using the mantra "I have everything I need…I have everything I need…I have everything I need" everytime I find myself reaching out for retail therapy…Most of the time the mantra actually works.

  • That's why I love e-bay so much. I can buy "new" clothes without as much guilt.

  • Best way to update your wardrobe by not buying anything is to have a Naked Ladies Party! Have your friends go through their closets looking for clothes they don't wear any more, bag um up and have a party where you all go through them. I've had two parties like that and you won't believe what you will go home with. Even if your friends are all different sizes, everyone has something to small or big in their wardrobe. You can even make some money for the next party (for wine and cheese) if you bring the clothes that no one wants to a consignment store afterwards!

  • Note to self: never let hubby read Fussy again, especially this entry.

  • Is that an official "Fuck cables–I'm doing the rest in ribbing" pattern or did you make that up as you went along?

    They are lovely. I can't bring myself to knit socks since my husband and I manage to mangle them on our ancient floors anyway.

  • I just put your hair shirt in the post.

  • I've been reading your blog for years (yes, really years!) and never really had the nerve to comment. However, I'm doing a similar project wherein I only wear one color a month. To really limit my choices and think about the things I need and don't need. I also only listen to one kind of music each month, work with one kind of art medium, and teach my son based on the month's shapes, letters, number, etc.

    You can read all about it at:

    So, yeah, here's to solidarity in our clothing projects!