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On October 30, 2009 by Eden M. Kennedy

Did everyone remember it’s almost time for National Blog Posting Month? I’ve sort of been dreading it all year and then Ian set up the blogroll to work in such an elegant manner that I no longer have to chain myself to the couch, gain 10 pounds, and develop my annual case of carpal tunnel to do it by hand. It’s our fourth year, and in case you hadn’t heard, all you have to do is post something on your blog every day in November. If you sign up at and enter your link onto the blogroll AND manage to post every day, you will be eligible for a PRIZE. Since I finally admitted to myself that I don’t really like doing giveaways here on Fussy, I’m going to unload a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been holding back onto randomly selected NaBlo winners. Just so you know.

(Also, is it possible we’ve inspired a copycat site, or is it mere coincidence?)

Also, my socks shrunk.

I know you’re sitting there all, Really? You put wool socks in the washing machine and expected them NOT to do that? Well, yes, I did, I did expect that. I bought superwash yarn, for fucking fuck’s sake, doesn’t that mean you’re supposed to be able to wash it any old way you’d like without having your socks turn into felt mittens? Apparently I was mistaken. And now I have a pair of socks that fit my dog.



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  • just tell everyone you did it on purpose. oh – you've already blogged about the socks….

    you're fucked.

    at least the balls of your feet will be warm this winter.

  • I hope I don't come off like some kind of knitting douche, but this is why you should always check Ravelry! From the yarn page of the Rio De La Plata that you used is a note that says "Caution:
    Many have reported that the yarn does not behave like superwash yarn."


  • Oh, Bertha, I'm being punished for my hubris. I posted these on Ravelry and everything! I supposed I should follow up and post them now with a dire warning for those who follow in my sock-steps.

  • Well, at least your dogs will be warm and fuzzy for the winter months!

  • Oh NO!

    OK,I have an offering to appease the sock gods…

    I have some gorgeous sock yarn that won't shrink, an extra copy of Cat Bordhi's new sock book, and I have to be in Santa Barbara tomorrow for an appointment at 4. If you like I can meet you somewhere to give them to you or I can mail it to you…

    This sort of a travesty just won't do.

    PM me in Ravelry. I'm Slowknitter (Wendy)

  • Jeez, that other site is EXACTLY the same as what you created. They didn't even have the brains to change it to another month.

  • This is the worst thing about having girlchildren grow up; when your husband accidentally washes the sweater and it shrinks to a size not even your smallest kids will fit. Disaster.

  • Socks are weird like that. One day they are fine, the next shrunken or mismatched. Fuck 'em.

    As for the copy cat site? WTF? Really? Someone should slap them senseless.

  • The NaBloWriMo thing? Well, that's just silly, isn't it?

    The socks? Well, shit. What happened to you is a nightmare of mine, and now you probably aren't terribly keen on starting another pair any time soon. Here's hoping Jackson wears a size four…

    On the other hand, a book! A book! I'm all smiley about the book.

  • You better start National Novel Posting Month before someone else does!

  • Congratulations on the book deal! I can't wait to put one of those into every baby shower basket of goodies I give. Perfect!

  • OK, I know this goes against the whole point of the Zen and Pride of Making Your Own Socks, but SMARTWOOL.

    Best socks ever, and they even go through the wash again and again without shrinking. Not gettin' paid to tell you this, either.

  • I don't trust superwash wool! I made "A Cardigan for Arwen" with superwash wool a few years ago and I swatched and everything! And then I dared to put it in the washing machine and now the sleeves would fit me just fine if I could convince my arms to grow 12 inches.

  • Ugh, I hate laundry mistakes. I just bought a nice (and long enough!) pair of Bamboo/cotton yoga pants, and then left them too long in the dryer. Grrr..

  • Congrats on your book deal – you two deserve it and I look forward to buying a copy!

    On the sock thing – I machine wash my superwash socks, but I don't put them in the dryer. It's nice to see something you've knit!

  • boo! hisss! lame copycat site.

  • I have no idea if this would work, but apparently it works for diaper covers that have been inadvertently felted … Pour a bottle of cheap white conditioner in a bowl and soak the socks in it. After a while, try gently stretching them. Rumor has it that the conditioner relaxes the fibers to their former shape (or close to it). It won't hurt, anyway!

  • And there's another reason I haven't knit socks. I would totally cry if I did and then shrunk them.

    But hm… you could turn them into iPod cozies or something? There has to be a good use for them.

  • FOOTIES!!!

    I'm not attempting either venue for blogging every day for a month, but still, that other site sucks balls.

  • Thanks for the good laugh today.
    It would appear that tippy-toe walking is in your future.

  • I know, right? My first pair of superwash socks felted up when I wore them for the first time. I've been really happy with Plymouth Sockotta.

  • I would stick my knitting needles in my eyes if I did all that work and the damn things shrunk. If I had knitting needles, that is.

  • This is right up there with the famous Roz Chast cartoon showing a picture of a dog having chewed a woman's pencil and her peevedly waving the pencil in dog's face. Title underneath read "TINY CLAIMS COURT: DOG CHEWED PENCIL".

    So SUE the bastards.