On March 3, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

I bought Champagne, and Jack also bought Champagne

Thanks to many hours put in by the handsome, unflappable Joe, my enormous blog has migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I have some mixed feelings about this — I wasn’t all FUCK YOU, BLOGGER, YOU SUCK! when they announced they were withdrawing support for the unwieldy circus my uploading procedures had (apparently) become. It’s just that our needs weren’t the same anymore. It was like breaking up with someone I still really liked, who always treated me pretty well and he had a certain style and we totally liked the same kind of peanut butter, but then suddenly he told me that to keep the relationship together I’d have to move to Beijing.

So since he was moving out anyway, I thought I’d redecorate.

My other news, of course, is that Alice and I delivered the manuscript for Let’s Panic to St. Martin’s Press Monday morning at 1:45 a.m. Eastern time so our editor would find it in her inbox when she arrived at work. (This was Alice’s idea. I was thinking of sending it around noon, maybe? After a late breakfast?) Surprisingly, to me, maybe not to you, after pulling several 16-hour days of writing and editing and IM’ing and losing the ability to tell if anything I’d written was funny anymore, I woke up Monday morning to discover my eyes hurt. I had legitimately overworked my eyeballs, my eye stems — all my eye appurtenances. My little eye biceps were tired, you guys! These drugstore reading glasses have done me no favors, I suppose. Apart from making it possible to read. So I need to find a good ophthalmologist, or maybe just an optometrist, and I’d go to Wikipedia to remind myself of the difference right now but, OW, IT HURTS TO LOOK AT THINGS, OW.



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  • Ow, it hurts to comment, ow.

  • Wow, congratulations. Manuscript submitted and website spiffed all at the same time? No wonder your eyeballs hurt. Here, I got you some patchy sunshine today. Er — unless you’re in New York.

  • A huge, hearty, big congratulations on delivering your manuscript. That’s a big effing deal that many will talk about and will never get done. I hope your eyes get some rest, soon.

  • Congratulations! Which bottle did you open first?

  • Congratulations on the manuscript! Really, very exciting. (And welcome to the world of WordPress.)

    Now stop reading the comments and go close your eyes!

  • Yay! Love the look! Love the platform! Love that I no longer need to log in to comment! (Hi, by the way.)


  • Thanks, people! We opened the Veuve Cliquot first.

  • Congratulations, on all accounts! Well, not the failing eyes part…but, everything else!

  • Congratulations! About the manuscript and website migration I mean. Not about the eye strain, which isn’t the kind of thing people are usually congratulated on…is it?

    Eye Biceps is the name of my new band. Probably.

  • Congratulations on submitting your book! (And you need an optometrist, not an opthamologist.)

  • Love the new format, Mrs. Kennedy. Looks great. And a huge congratulations to you and Alice on the manuscript. I look forward to your book tour. (Book tour, you say? Can’t I just enjoy my fucking champagne for a while, you say? If you must….).

  • I feel like i am one of those radio show call in people that say “long time listener, first time caller” if that makes sense. I love you guys and am happy you’re happy and stuff. Yay for book completions!!!

  • Hot! I hope you’re drunk. That usually cures eye pain. (Congratulations!)

  • Congrats, congrats! I’m looking forward to the book. I have a dear friend who is pregnant with her first! BTW when it comes to Veuve Cliquot, special order, (or if you can find some place that stocks) the demi sec!

  • Hurrah for your manuscript! And your WordPress migration! And all that champagne in your fridge! My god, don’t tell me when you’re going out of town or I’ll be straight over to drink it. You’ll come home and be all “darling, didn’t we have a Veuve in here?”

  • oops! meant to say she is expecting her first at 40!!

  • Lookin’ good. Congrats on the move and double congrats on the book. I’m so impressed with your deadline meeting skills and I think I’m going to have another baby just so the jokes will be even funnier.

  • I love what you’ve done with the place. Sorry about that Blogger guy, but CONGRATULATIONSZOMG on the book being finished!

    Oh, and ow in commiseration.

  • I was just laughing over here as I was reading along while your mom is winking at me. Very awesome!
    Laughing as I keep getting these multi packs of reading glasses from whereever – they work well and my heart no longer drops in fear when my kids grab the glasses left on the counter –
    However, I am right there with you. Last few days I have felt like an alien is trying to grow from the center of my eyeball. Wine seems to help…. Congratulations on delivering your manuscript!!! XO

  • Congratulations on your manuscript delivery.

    Regarding the eye strain. Go see an optometrist for glasses. After going to a really fine Stanford educated Ophthalmologist (a good idea every few years) and having my first ever prescription glasses made – at 47 – from his prescription, I returned them as they were not right. Two years later and short the $400 I went to the optometrist at Costco ($70) and now have really comfortable (with prisms!) progressive lenses.

    Optometrists do the prescription thing better. It is what they do.

  • YAY!

    And congrats on the birth of the manuscript as well as the WordPress!

    (also, big ups to Joe!!)

  • Congrats to you both…how exciting, and a huge relief, I’m sure! Just want to say that many, many years ago, I had a month of intense deadline writing and at the end my eyes hurt, too. If I looked at a long view it was if my eyes couldn’t deal with anything that wasn’t right in front of my face (a monitor, perhaps?). What really helped — looking at lots of things in the far distance. I stared out of windows a lot. Looked a bit insane maybe, but it really helped my eyes.

  • Ah, well this post explains why I’ve been getting a file not found type of error when I try to go to your page from my favorites. I was going through deleting nonworking links today and figured I’d either figure out how to see your site, or you’d quit posting. Glad to see it’s the former!