Breakfast for the Giddy and Easily Distracted

On April 14, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

I’m going to give Matthew credit for my breakfast choice today because as I was eating a giant slice of chocolate cake at 9:45 this morning I recalled him writing once about eating a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast, and how being a grownup was just like what he thought it would be when he was six.

I guess I needed to have the sense that I’d fulfilled a lifelong dream today.



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  • My definition of being a grown-up was getting to eat as much of the chocolate chip cookie dough as I wanted before baking the cookies. Which is exactly what I did on Sunday when I made cookies.

  • Every time there’s chocolate cake in the house we have to have it for breakfast on account of Bill Cosby. “Our dad is great! He gave us chocolate cake!”

  • “Ice cream for dinner” was one item on my childhood list of things I thought I’d do as a grown-up, too.

    The other day, I had a handful of leftover Easter malted chocolate candy-coated eggs for breakfast and congratulated myself that, whatever, at least they’re eggs.

  • Yup, one quarter of a cake definitely counts as a “giant slice”.

  • If there is ever cake in our house, i have it for every meal until it’s gone. I have no restraint where cake is concerned.

  • Wow, that cake looks good. I want me a piece for breakfast!

  • Today I discovered a giant chocolate bar (with chilis. Yum!) in the glove compartment of my car. I’d stashed it there so the kids wouldn’t eat it and promptly forgotten it.

    Bonus/forbidden chocolate is the best kind.

  • Having a cupcake and a cappuccino for breakfast on a weekday is something I do when everything else about being a grown-up is nothing but a drag. And the fact that I can do that if I want to — because, hey, I’m a grown-up and I make my own rules! — makes me feel briefly better about the world in general.

  • In my case, chocolate cake does something so horrible to me. I don’t even want to talk about it.

    For me, eating a piece of chocolate cake is a little bit like having a couple of martinis for breakfast with a side of percocets.

    But I’ve done it, I think. It’s not pretty though.

    Adulthood is when you can eat cake but your body’s all messed up and you can’t process simple carbohydrates.

    WOW I LOVE THE POTBOILER BOOK on the side here! ‘Dig That Crazy Grave.’ So cool.

  • When I was a kid, I was only allowed to pick out my own outfit on my birthday (choosing Underroos as an outfit will warrant those kinds of restrictions). On my 29th birthday, I called my mother saying “I’m wearing WHATEVER I WANT today!” and the shock of the fact that I was, and had been, an adult who could wear, eat, watch, WHATEVER I WANTED washed over me. It was liberating.

  • That looks AWESOME.

    Last night, my boyfriend and I made cupcakes. This is a good thing. The problem, if there is one, is that we made 24 cupcakes. For TWO of us.

    Cupcakes for every meal from now on is the solution, I think.

  • Cake is my favorite breakfast! Leftover birthday cake especially.

  • Chocolate cake for breakfast is my favorite breakfast!

  • I wonder about my mom sometimes, like when I realize I was routinely allowed to eat cake or brownies or cupcakes for breakfast when I was a kid.

  • I feel so grown up when all the socks match after doing laundry-I know, a little on the geeky side, but, I’m jussayin’

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