On April 15, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

The theme of this week’s posting on Fussy seems to be Close-up Photos in Natural Light Taken In My Kitchen, and in view of those boundaries I present to you some Easter Eggs from whenever that was. The egg on the left was decorated by Jackson, he took a red crayon and wrote bring it on (lowercase) on his first egg before choosing another and scribbling the hell out of it. (Eventually he got bored and just wrote SUCK IT on his last egg before commencing with the dyeing, already.) Me, I chose to reopen an old wound inflicted upon me by M!ffy’s profoundly humorless lawyers by creating YET ANOTHER unauthorized likeness of the beloved Dutch bunny (see here, here, and here), which has been dyed orange in compliance with the internationally binding order that all things Netherlandish should be colored so.

And then we ate them, and lo, they were tasty.



9 Responses to “BRING IT”

  • Oh I also love Miffy. My little girl, who is now 5, liked the show a lot when she was oh..2ish. I can still hear her saying MIFFY with her mouth full of soother. Aww !! I agree too that her parents are quite unbunny like.

  • I was in the Tate Gallery shop last weekend. It is full of Miffy merchandise and I thought of you.

    I would pay real money for a pretty Easter egg that said ‘Suck it’ in 8-year-old handwriting. The Tate would probably sell them for £40 a pop.

  • Those eggs are so vibrantly-colored. You must have used Mrs. Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s vinegar along with them-thar color tablets.

  • Jackson often reminds me of the Dutch boys next door (note: they do not look like they do on the paint can, second note: Jackson can probably curse in English better than they can). Sorry to hear of your troubles with Nijntje, I am still taking flak for finding Winnie the Pooh elitest.

  • I’d completely forgotten about the M!ffy incident!

  • ‘Suck It’ HAHAHAH…love that kid!

  • I had not read the chornicals of “Miffy” until today and I so needed that!

    Thanks for a good belly laugh.