Choose Having

On April 6, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

Last week was Jackson’s spring break so I took him down to Legoland and we had an “epic” time. I shot a lot of video instead of using my still camera, and that was kind of weird. When you take a still shot, once it’s framed and you click the shutter, you can pretty much move on, but with video you have to stand there and pan and tilt and do 360s and narrate and ask your kid questions and then maybe your kid doesn’t feel like answering questions but just wants to run off. Ultimately you have to choose between filming the experience and having the experience, and it didn’t take long for me to choose having.

We did gape at this for ten seconds, though. Legos are awesome.



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  • I like the nodding head.

  • Oh, Eden. I just love you. Thank you for making me feel better about having so little video of my children. Seriously, filming turns every special occasion into a pain in the ass.

  • It’s so hard to catch those spontaneously awesome moments that you either have to have the camera on 24/7 and live your life looking through a lens, or just shoot what you can and get on with your life. Don’t get me wrong, I love making little videos, and I’m thrilled when I get something worth keeping. But I came right up against it last week and had to make the choice.

  • I kind of went overboard on this in my youth. I was convinced I would remember everything. I never took a single picture. Now I sort of regret it. But I’m not a picture taker. So it is good that I live with one of those and he documents all the moments. I try to live them, but I’m usually thinking about some dumb thing or other.

  • I often wonder how the huge digital archive kids (like mine) amass as they grow up will affect them as adults. There are probably only 100 pictures of me before the age of 12; and if there’s any video, I don’t know about it. My kids are 9 months old and they are featured in thousands of pictures and probably several hours of video. I guess this will just be normal. Or is normal already.

  • I think this is one of the reasons I can’t seem to blog as much anymore. I used to be so busy furiously documenting everything that I totally forgot to just BE THERE. Yet another lesson in moderation, as if I’ll ever actually learn it…

    Does Jackson actually say “epic”? Because if he does, that’s totally… epic.

  • yes! you should.

    And I just now noticed that picture of your mom and grandma down there. Your description totally made me cry.

  • Check out for some amazing Lego.

  • Eden, you are completely right. I too, chose being there. But the guilt for not supplying documentation to far away gramma is awful!!
    I have been reading RSS feeds so missed the delightful shot of your mom and gramma. Wonderful.
    I wanted also to mention that my second and 6th birthday shot were on the same roll of film. For our camera, that was 12 pictures. I was third of three, so you can understand how well documented my childhood was. Fortunately, untill I was 7 I had a camera-mad grampa who left quite a legacy of slide footage, so I have coverage up till then. After that, well, lets just sayI’m grateful for the lack of archival material.
    But oh, the three pictures that exist of my mom! I must make sure there are copies before she burns down the house.

  • I came over from the buzz over your BlogHer voice of the week “it” post. I love this succinct “do” post.

  • That would explain why I never take photos or videos–I guess I also choose the “having”. (At least that’s what I’ll tell my son when he asks why I don’t have videos of him growing up!)

  • oooh, and we LOVED Legoland!