Hot Wheels

On April 12, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

I sort of feel like doing a daily photo again — or a daily something again — for as long as I can keep it up. Given my history, I’m predicting this will last between three and seven weeks.

Jackson is slightly obsessed with Hot Wheels that change color when you dunk them in hot or cold water. My sense is that a team at NASA was trying to develop some sort of heat shield for monkey astronaut suits when they accidentally came up with this technology. They then sold the patent to Mattel and have retired to Coral Gables or Banff and spend idle moments planning to volunteer at the Humane Society, once they’re completely saturated with Internet porn.



3 Responses to “Hot Wheels”

  • I had those when I was little, in the ’80s! I played with them all the time, but they were a big feature in the bath tub.

    …I told my Mom they still exist and she said my grandmother (who would have been in her ’70s?) loved them so much when she visited that we had to go out and buy her a set to take home to North Dakota.

  • My kid brother, who is now 27, got a colour change Hot Wheels car in his Christmas sock this year with a note that read, “Don’t stick it in the dishwasher this time.”
    My mother never lets us live anything down.

  • you are just cracking me right up.