Today he smells like candy watermelon

On April 13, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

Jackson has definite opinions on how he wants to look, and he thinks long hair is cool. (Although I’m the one he argues with when it’s all tangled up in the morning.) He keeps it clean, though, and today he smells like candy watermelon.

Last night he said to me: “Mama scale of huggability: one billion. Sense of humor: negative 10.”

Me: “What?! I have no sense of humor?”

Him: “Not after 9:30 at night. Then you’re cranky and want to go to sleep without telling me a story.”

Me: “I’m cranky because it’s 9:30 and you’re NOT ASLEEP YET.”



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  • One billion scale of huggability!

    He IS cool. It’s very clear.

    Hair detangler is the best. We call the hair detangler the squirty stuff. Which sounds gross. Kiss My Face non-toxic is about 8 times more expensive but I’m hoping will prevent freaky hormonal effects or whatever it is I’m supposed to be afraid of.

  • Ach, thanks for the recommendation, we ran out of crazy expensive salon-caliber detangler and I’ve been too afraid to buy more.

  • He is smooth:) Starts with the major compliment before leveling the criticism.

    He will go far.

  • Um…I’m cranky and it’s only 6:45.

  • My kid doesn’t understand why Mommy gets so fussy after 9 p.m. either. “Mommy why you gonna cry?” “Because you are AWAKE sweetie. Because you are awake.”

  • I have been using White Rain brand detangling spray on my step-twins – and I love it so much I use it on my (LONG, ULTRA CURLY) hair as well when I don’t have time to shower and need to get the mess under control. It smells like apples. I got it at DOLLAR TREE for, you guessed it, a dollar!

  • I blame Tim Lincecum for the long hair under baseball caps around this house. I’m gonna call his mom.

  • My son has hair that length – very very blond, and we live in a very Asian neighbourhood, so he is The Blond Kid. He and I love his hair long, but his dad, who was a long-haired teenager in the late sixties, keeps telling him he needs a haircut. My son just tells him, “Dad, it’s just hair.)

  • BTW, forgot to add – my son is 9 yrs old, so there’s much about Jackson that reminds me of my guy.

  • I love long hair on boys. And candy watermelon.

  • Children must understand that once their official bedtime has occurred, the parent is Off The Clock! Ice cream eating and other minor indulgent behavior may commence. Being called back to the child’s bedroom to bring one more drink or answer questions about the cosmos is like being recalled to the front after getting halfway home on leave.

    It may be my most unreasonable time of the day. Children who wants hugs can sometimes put things back in perspective.