Yesterday Evening in the Grocery Store

On June 17, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

Twentysomethings with tattoos and creative facial hair,
when did you discover my neighborhood?
It used to be just middle-class families who went to bed at ten
and leathery beach rats who kept our one bar open.

Now here you are in the cat-food aisle, beaming at all the Fancy Feast.
Cuddles will enjoy whatever flavor you pick.
Don’t forget to buy kibble, though,
or she will lose all her teeth.

Ignore my son as he runs past you shouting, “Dipthong!”
He enjoys saying the word.
If you ask him what he wants for dinner,
he’ll say, “dipthong.”

It was funny the first seventeen times.



11 Responses to “Yesterday Evening in the Grocery Store”

  • When I still had a job, I made a sign for the office that said ‘No Diphthong, No Service.’ It was funny for almost twenty minutes.

  • That sounds like my oldest, who apparently just this once chose “cat” over “new piercing” when confronted with the decision. And now that it’s summer I’m looking forward to weekend barbecues on the beach with corn and diphthongs.

  • Antonia, you’re a true team player.

    Norm, I guess that’s what growing up is all about?

    This is the kind of sparse commenting I can really get behind. I may start exclusively posting bad poetry.

  • See, I love these types of posts. This is why I started to read blogs and then made my own. Elegant and dipthongian.

  • Most of my nieces and nephews live near your neck of the woods. If you had said tattoos, facial hair AND piercings, I would have thought you were talking about them.

  • JenB, I love you and that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking lately. What the hell happened? When did blogging mean we all had to start writing overly-concerned essays on motherhood? Jesus, I’m sick of it. I’m going to start posting LOLcats again.

    Momo, really? Let me know if you want me to stage some sort of intervention.

  • P.S. I have nothing against blogging about motherhood, when it’s done well.

  • This was such a fun, perfect snapshot of your life. Awesome.

  • I wouldn’t be opposed to an overly-concerned poem on motherhood. Or LOLcats.

  • How about a LOLcatz about motherhood?

  • I found you on an article on Yahoo about a week ago…enjoy reading your stuff. It made me create another blog which is tuff after working really hard creating a new social site too, but Thanks! Keep it up!