Last Chance!

On August 13, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

I just realized that I’ve been selling these t-shirts for FIVE YEARS now without raising prices, and it’s time. The post office has raised mailing rates like three times since 2005, the cost of the shirts themselves has gone up twice, my t-shirt guy went to Vegas, came back, moved his business into a giant space (he has air conditioning now!), and I’ve been absorbing every increase. I can absorb no more! I must raise prices, but before I do that I’m giving you, The Internet, one last chance to get shirts at the old prices before I raise them on September 1. Thank you for your kind attention!



11 Responses to “Last Chance!”

  • How much for a Dr Scott’s Electric Hair Brush?

  • I’m out of stock, sorry.

  • I’m selling mine and absorbing the cost of shipping and handling as well. I regret that decision is all I’m going to say about that.

  • Oh FINE. I’ve only wanted one for five years, so I guess now is as good a time to buy as any.

  • Thank you! I’ll get your shirt in the mail asap.

  • Yay! I really needed that push. Though now I feel guilty because you should be making more of a profit.

  • I already own (and love) my original Fussy shirt, but let me just say that if you turn that Adam and Eve graphic into another one I will buy it STAT. Unless it was a shirt for a limited amount of time and I missed it…?

    • Lauren! The Adam and Eve graphic is on its way to becoming a t-shirt AS WE SPEAK. They’ll probably be done next month. I will post when they’re ready, thank you for mentioning it!

  • i’d like an adam & eve. i’d also consider “i give up”. past purchases were the original black and the long sleeve red.

  • Would you possibly consider doing “We’re Not Happy Until You’re Not Happy” in more ‘interesting’ colors like….oh I don’t know…….black…..and red, maybe? Please :)(:

  • I second what Pamela said. I love the “We’re Not Happy…” but wearing white t-shirts is like wearing a blood magnet for some reason. Always wind up stained.

    I actually HESITATED, because my “writing well”shirt has held up really quite well for five years (!) and do I really want another? But it is getting fuzzy, rather than fussy, and so it is certainly time. And if I still have it after five years, then it’s obviously an item of use and affection. I got a regular FUSSY shirt too this time, so I can look awesome twice as often.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity before raising the prices.