And on the twelfth day

On November 12, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

I spent today’s writing-time allocation doing an update for Let’s Panic and getting ready for a weekend in Pismo. So, uh, you know. Sorry. You’ve seen a lot of family photos lately, so here’s a photo from our last trip up here:
I’ve got something good lined up for tomorrow so stay tuned.



7 Responses to “And on the twelfth day”

  • What?? I live in Pismo! I am a huge fan who is trying hard not to freak out right now. I promise not to stalk you, but you shouldn’t worry because I would be WAY to shy to actually approach if I should happen to spy you strolling through town. My standard breakfast recommendation for visitors is:, and I personally think that Viva Mexico has good mexican food, friendly staff, and nice cold mexican beer, but the reviews online are mixed. Well, hey! Enjoy your weekend! (Check out the Monarchs, too…)

  • I love how the sign features HBO and not, say, cable TV.

  • Thanks for the recommendation, Laurie! We love to go to Francisco’s Country Kitchen for breakfast — it’s old-style, heart-attack food, everyone who eats there is 80 years old, and the baked goods are terrible.

    Alison, I think HBO is a major a selling point for mom-and-pop motels across the nation. Plus, it fits on a small sign more easily.

  • Do ya think that sign is a reference to Dark City?? ‘Cause if it were, that would be SO cool!!

  • My neck of the woods too! We love Fransciso’s as well it’s a great down home place. Biscuits and gravy, mmmmm

  • This is a good time to tell you that we went to Pismo in July based solely on a post you wrote featuring Bugs Bunny. (That sentence sounds absurd, but it’s true.)

    It was part of a 10-day drive around CA (from SFO to Point Reyes to Jenner to Napa to Yosemite to Carlsbad [long day] and LegoLand and up the Pacific Coast Highway, and your state is breathtakingly gorgeous.

    And my husband loved Pismo so much, he wants to retire there. You have some mighty powers there, Mrs. Kennedy. Good thing you use them for good.