The Evolution of November Blogging

On November 16, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

The first year was like a fling with a guy who you didn’t think was your type at all, but you figured: why not? You had some chemistry, and that made it easy to overlook his haircut and his taste in music. You spent every night at his place for a month. When December rolled around, you said, “Hey, I think I need a little break. I’ll call you?” You went back home and slept for a week.

Then somehow a year went by and you found a sweater that still smelled like him and you remembered how much fun you had last fall, so you called him up. He was a little cool — I mean, it took you a year to call him back — but he warmed up fast and next thing you knew he was keeping your favorite brand of beer in his fridge. The heat fell off a little quicker this time, but you both thought it was funny and you spent the rest of the month on the couch eating cheese popcorn, shopping for shoes on eBay, and watching LOLcat video compliations on YouTube.

The third year it felt a little forced, but you were both still game enough to meet for a drink. The heat lasted three days and you decided to call it quits after you fell asleep while he was telling you about the time his friends ditched him at the roller rink in seventh grade.

The fourth year you just called to say hi. He didn’t pick up. You left a noncommittal message. He didn’t call back.

The fifth year you gave that sweater to Goodwill and re-read an overdue copy of Jane Eyre instead.



14 Responses to “The Evolution of November Blogging”

  • Yes. THAT.

    I don’t want to quit but I totally do.

  • Yeah, I feel like kind of a piker for opting out this year, but I did Blog 365 in 2009 and I still have a twitch. Maybe next year! Or not.

  • I still believe in making yourself write every day, but not so much in posting it for everyone to read. I might kill the whole thing after this year, or get someone else to take over.

  • I actually was lukewarm to the dude after an initial honeymoon period, so we took a break last year, after slogging along for years. I thought it would lead to divorce, but this year we’re back in love. Go figure.

  • I still love it to this day. I’m constantly exploring new people, new ideas and new perspectives.

  • For me, I’m going through a dry spell, and if it weren’t for this guy, I’d never get any.

    And quick mediocre sex is still better than no sex at all. Gotta keep in practice somehow.

  • Not only did I NOT START I didn’t finish it, either. Huh.

  • After 6.5 years of blogging I still haven’t run out of things to write about or people to read.

  • And this is why I never even think of committing to NaNoBloMo. That and I tend to giggle at saying NaNoBloMo out loud.

  • I wimped put after a while, but I will post more. I love the analogy and would muss your blog deeply. Perhaps you can’t have a friends with benefits relationship with your blog, like once a month?

  • The sixth year, you met someone new. You were really jazzed about her at first, but after the first week you started to feel claustrophobic by her omnipresence. Plus, you could tell she was trying to change your appearance.

    Still, you didn’t feel right dumping her before Thanksgiving, since she was new in town and didn’t know a lot of people. You felt good about yourself by bringing her along to meet the family, until they started in with the unflinching commentary while she was right there within earshot.

  • YEP> feel you. I did it for you this year. Does that make you feel special? Or it just makes me weird. LOL xo

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