Mostly Wordless Weekend 1b

On November 7, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

I don’t know who took this photograph I found in an old family album or who these women were, but I love that they’re holding hands and it makes me happy to think I’m probably related to at least one of them.



6 Responses to “Mostly Wordless Weekend 1b”

  • The one seated is probably drunk, so that would be my best guess for your relative. Oh, no…wait. That’s MY family.

  • You’re projecting again! I come from a long line of abolitionists.

  • It makes me happy to think you’re probably related to at least one of them.
    One would think that abolitionists would know how to party better than the rest of them.
    Are you sure that hand holding business isn’t one of those drunken
    “You’re my best friend!”
    “No you’re my best friend!”
    “I love you…”
    “I love you more…’”

  • What an amazing photo!

  • De-lurking to say that I think it’s a mother and daughter (Mother seated) or an older woman and her caretaker. Notice, also, that it’s taken in a bedroom. I’m guessing the room of the seated woman.

    This should make it easier to figure out who they were. For example, which of your relatives was old? ;)

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