Mr. Freeze

On November 1, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

I no longer remember why Jackson asked me to draw a picture of Mr. Freeze. I forgot to give him goggles:

Hey, it’s National Blog Posting Month! I figure if I start out slow, maybe I can build up to a big finish.



4 Responses to “Mr. Freeze”

  • Nice effort. And did you know Mr. Freeze was originally called Mr. Zero? Interesting the stuff you pick up over 14 years.

  • I like you blogging every day for a month more than I like all the pie that’s going to be happening the next few weeks. Whoohooo for November!

  • Oh, man, I was just distracted by your photo of the mossy turtle over there. The wonder of it, it is sumptuous. That is not a word I often type, so I just checked the spelling with google and got this definition: “splendid and expensive-looking”. Exactly, more or less.

  • I would have never known that was Mr. Freeze. Not because of the drawing, but because I don’t know who Mr. Freeze is. I would have assumed the “F” stood for something entirely different.