Veterans Day

On November 11, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

I don’t know what to make of holidays that can’t seem to be appended to a Sunday, but here we are, Veterans Day. I honestly did think of my dad this morning and to honor him I put on some Warner Bros. cartoons (he loved Daffy Duck). On the way to the mall to celebrate our nation’s sacrifices with a 40% discount on all name brands, Jackson started grousing about what a stupid holiday it was. After a brief discussion on the origins of the word holiday (“Holy day” “You’re making things up again, aren’t you, Mom?”), I felt obliged to give him an overview of World War Two, which went a little like this:

  1. Most of Europe was fighting the Nazis but they were getting tired
  2. They asked America to help and we did!
  3. America’s volunteers helped to defeat the Nazis, which I mean, wow, can you imagine if we were all speaking German right now?
  4. But a lot of people died fighting Hitler so this is a good day to remember that war is a giant drag and that some people made huge sacrifices to take a stand against tyranny

And then we moved on to Jackson’s latest fascination: Astrology! Yay! Change subjects!

My dad was in Japan at the end of the war, and he totally transferred his fascination with Japan on to me.

Posture, Marriott! I have no idea how he laced his boots like that.

No idea. Hokkaido?

Paratrooper humor.

Meanwhile, my mom’s brother Al was in the Navy, which makes sense for a landlocked boy with a sense of humor. Minnesota has a lot of lakes, you know.



12 Responses to “Veterans Day”

  • My father in law was in Japan at the end of the war, working in a ski resort.

    My dad was at Pearl Harbor on December 7th fresh out of Annapolis. As a kid, World War II was cool because I could say my dad was at Pearl Harbor.

  • Expressing appreciation to the memories of your father and uncle for defending our country… And now to my regularly broadcasted hormonally charged self… Your dad looks hot in those boots.

  • I’m not sure the crazy boot laces are what you want me to take away from this post. But here we are.
    Maybe that’s what Japan does to a person.

  • those boots are awesome.

  • Don’t forget to tell Jackson that Veteran’s day started out as Armistice Day, the cessation of hostilities in WW I. (The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918)

    I laced my boots like that once – it is a pain but it looks cool.

  • I was talking this over with Jack. We agreed that Louis Armstrong Day is missing from our calendar. So yesterday I sez to Sharon, war is such a drag Veterans Day kind of makes me sad, why dont we change THAT to Louis Armstrong Day. She said “yeah why dont you post THAT on Facebook”. I said naw.

  • Maybe Louis Armstrong Day could be November 12 as a way to celebrate us all being alive. I think Louis would appreciate that.

    I’m glad everyone likes my dad’s boots, although the fact that skinheads use white laces to identify each other still makes me a little sad. Fortunately, my dad was the opposite of a skinhead. LOTS of hair. A beard, even.

  • I love that picture of your dad, because not only does he look dashing, he also looks like he’s showing off his impressive lacing job. Good work, Mr. M.!

  • Your daddy wears combat boots!
    And I mean that in the nicest way.

  • My Pepaw was a Navy man and stationed in the South Pacific. “Some Enchanted Evening” just popped into my head as I typed that.

    In general, I try to ignore Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. We lost my nephew to the Iraq “war” in 2005. I remember the sacrifices the military makes every single day, like a rock in my shoe.

    On that note, let’s all return to the image of Daffy Duck singing “Some Enchanted Evening”.

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