Spring is only 88 days away!

On December 24, 2010 by Eden M. Kennedy

Things our storage unit has eaten lately:
1. A box of my childhood photos that also included irreplaceable (non-digital) photos of Jackson’s first year
2. A bunch of Jack’s musical equipment that seems to mean more to him than it does to me (strange!)
3. The box containing my Yoda and C3PO Christmas ornaments, as well as the light-up, color-changing star/tree topper that I sort of loved and despised at the same time

Our creative ways of making up for these losses:
1. Still working that out/trying to figure out who to blame
2. Slowly replacing each mysterious little component one by one, as finances permit
2. Making do with old Oakland Raiders and SpongeBob ornaments, and this:

Because nothing honors the mysterious journey of the three magi who followed a star in the eastern sky to honor the infant messiah than some wrinkly aluminum foil plastered around a misshapen cardboard star that’s been taped to a popsicle stick and shoved into a beer cup.

It also makes a great Nerf gun target.

So Merry Christmas, everyone, and a prosperous solstice to you, as well. And now, a poll!



13 Responses to “Spring is only 88 days away!”

  • That means MY BIRTHDAY is only 88 days away. Merry Christmas to you all!

  • Wait — did you post this inspired piece of craftsmanship on regretsy?

  • You could always toss it up on CraftFail if you don’t list is on etsy: http://craftfail.com/
    Merry Christmas :)

  • In what way did the storage unit eat the missing stuff? I am tired and confused, and wishing I lived in America so I’d still have five hours to wrap the last of these presents.

    Merry Christmas, Kennedys! x

  • Your nerf target looks a lot like my priceless family heirloom tree topper, Which, remarkably, I can’t seem to find at the moment…

  • My son is ticked at me because we have a red bow at the top of our tree instead of a star. The star is buried in our basement somewhere, but it would take until mid-January to find it. Next year, kid, next year.

    Merry Christmas Eden, to you and yours. Hope you get everything you hope for in 2011.

  • You never fail to crack me up. NEVER. Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  • Thus Spake Edenthustra.

  • Since I was forced to listen to a recording of Amahl and the Night Visitors every year of my elementary school life, I aced that one. Sorry to hear you’ve lost some precious photos. Dealing with that myself now and trying to remember that I still have most of them and (the big one) I still have the kid. Just not the extensive photo documentation. Happy merry Winter Holiday Fest-tacular.

  • That ornament, with the frat-boy red cup, is awesome.

  • Leave it to Mr. Lady to make your beer cup/star all about her. Of course, this is why I love her. The beer cup/star? Is why I love you, Eden.

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