On March 2, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

Yesterday was the publication day for “Let’s Panic About Babies!” and I spent it badgering people on Twitter, eating omelets with Alice, harassing a nice young man at the NYU bookstore who knew that five copies of the book just had to be around here SOMEWHERE, and shopping for shoes that I didn’t actually need. (No actual money was spent. Gotta earn back that advance!)

In other words, yesterday was a little bit of a dream a come true. And yet, in all the excitement, I kept forgetting to enjoy it. It wasn’t until I was on the subway this morning on the way to Alice’s to do a radio interview with KORN-AM in Mitchell, South Dakota that I realized that being anxious about the fact that I was running on five hours of sleep wasn’t going to make this any easier. I realized that I had to love being sleep-deprived and nauseated from reading Lonesome Dove on the F train and worried about sounding like an ass on the radio, because that was what was happening. And once I stopped fighting what was with some idea of what should be, I felt a lot better. Also, pushing that old lady down the stairs at the 4th Avenue exit helped, too.*

(Side note: if you have a small head cold it’s hard to tell the difference between the sound of running water and the sound of rats scrabbling around the 14th Street station. And if wearing your eBay reading glasses pretty much constantly has somewhat corroded your long-distance vision, you’ll never know which one it was.)

*Those stairs are steep!

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s supported the launch of this book by doing a giveaway,  asking us to speak to them, spreading the panic online, making a brilliant video for us (SCOTT), and of course buying a copy or three of the book itself. I don’t know that it will change the world, or anything, but it’s pretty funny and some of it is actually true. 

Here is a picture of Alice contemplating her future as a successful humorist: 
Alice practicing her penmanship



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  • Wow, the book is way bigger than I imagined! For some reason on Amazon it looks like a teeny tiny thing. Maybe I thought that because it’s ridiculously cheap… you still get paid the same, right? Preordered a few days ago and looking forward to its arrival! Congratulations :)

    p.s. Alice, your non-colored hair looks awesome.

  • p.p.s. The first link is broken – I think it tried to go to let’spanic.com complete with apostrophe.

  • Wah! Thank you, Alison! Link is fixed. The book is a whopping 8″ x 8″, and Alice’s hair DOES look nice. I’m here to answer all your questions!

  • are u doing any readings in nyc or bklyn? maybe at Word?

  • Really happy for you ladies. I was planning on coming to the launch next week but alas, I will be away. Have so much fun and enjoy these moments.

  • Hurrah! Wonderful to see that the book has finally hit the shelves. I wish there could have been a red carpet and paparazzi, but the NYU bookstore man sounds like a close second.

    • Speaking from experience, most bookstore employees are stoked to see new authors come in because half of them want to write books of their own someday. It’s pretty great.

  • Will my 24 year old cousin (who is unemployed, slightly unstable, and generally unprepared for her pregnancy, plus she lives in Fresno) enjoy it or will it just freak her out?
    p.s. I bought it already anyway. If the answer to my question is the latter, I’ll just give it to another pregnant friend.

    • Franny: Unemployed and Fresno-living shouldn’t be an issue, but “slightly unstable” does give me pause. Is she able to recognize when something is parody? Well, either way, we’ve got a big fat disclaimer on there, so go for it!

      Or you could just keep the copy for yourself.

      • thanks for replying! I came off a bit nutty with the question, sorry. I have a baby and am sleep-deprived myself. The book arrived and I’m looking forward to reading it.

        As for my cousin, I mentioned the Fresno and unemployment bit because she feels isolated (even though it is a big city) and so I want to make her laugh. The instability is due to going off her meds for pregnancy and I was questioning her ability to find humor in topics like what happens to the vagina post-childbirth. Okay I’ll stop now…thanks again!

  • Congratulations! I shall order my book, post-haste. Any signings in Chicago(land) in your future?

    • We are coming to Chicago in April! Like, mid-April. I will post the schedule as it comes into fruition.

      • Chicago — huzzah! If anyone remembered E.B. White/Thurber and Is Sex Necessary, I could propose some great front-table displays for the visit. (ISN published in 1929: is wit comorbid with foreclosures?)

        Give us 48 hours notice, and we’ll melt the last of Chicago’s snow.

  • Woo-hoooooooooooooo! Congratulations!

  • Why is Alice getting ready to stab that book? And that scowl looks ominous. She’s not right in the head. But I guess you already knew that.

    • I was trying to look confused and like I had forgotten how to write with a pen. Which I had. But I was covering up my forgetting with something I call “humor.” It’s a thing I do when I forget how to use pens and related instruments.

    • Oh, that we were all as not right in the head as Alice.

  • Congratulations on the book! Fame and fortune, here you come!

  • yaaaaaaaay! Ordering mine now. Any book signings here behind the Orange Curtain?

  • Ahhhh! Congratulations! Just placed my order….one for my sister, who is 31 weeks along with her first, and one for me at only 6 weeks along with my first! yay! Looking forward to all the laughs…

  • May I just say….hooray for Chicago in April! Do not let us down! Also, please do not come during school vacation week as I might have to disappoint my kid and cancel our vacation to the beach so as to see you two. Many, many congratulations on the book.

  • I’ve had the book for a couple of weeks now and can’t wait to share its brilliance! I can’t really do giveaways without a website and I don’t really have a website until my redesign is finished. Let’s hope that will be soon, for the sake of all the people who need to learn how to panic. About babies.

    • Thanks, MF. We would love you to do a giveaway whenever you’re all squared away! Or you can use the book to prop up one of the legs on a coffee table. Whatever.

  • wine-tip to you both!


    “And once I stopped fighting what was with some idea of what should be, I felt a lot better. ”

    ^i’m going to print that.

  • I got an advance copy of your book through the amazon vine program, and I can attest that it is fabulous. In fact, not only can I, but I did just that in my amazon review. Your book will definitely be my go-to baby shower gift from here on out.

    You both did a great job, and I hope you’re proud. :)

    • You know, we were trying to figure out where all those early reviews came from on Amazon, before the book was even out. Our editor explained the Vine program to us and we were stoked because that meant we’d have pre-hype reviews from new readers that we hoped would be (positive and) honest. We really benefited from that.

      Thanks for the kind words, Sonja and everybody, and thanks for buying the book. I hope it stands well on its own merits! It’s certainly doing better than I ever dreamed it would.

  • (Belated) Congratulations! I gotta get one. :D

    • Thanks, Norm! Come to Chaucer’s on the 17th if you can, I’ll be there @7:00. Half my audience will be dying to go over to Harry’s by 7:15, if I know them.

  • Congratulations! Looks like the perfect gift for our prego friends who have no idea what’s coming for them.

  • So excited for you both. Jealous, too!

  • How wonderful and exciting! The book looks great! I have a few new mommy friends that need this book!

  • Are you coming to Cleveland or Akron?

    • We want to, but so far we haven’t been able to stuff it into the schedule. We’re toying with the idea of another tour this summer, though I doubt our publisher will pay for it. So this is all to say: I don’t know yet!