Dear Diary

On April 1, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

Wow, I’ve really let this web site slide. My excuses are legion, but in the end, part of what’s kept me from posting is a slowly growing need for this crazy thing called “privacy.” Have you heard of it? It’s where you don’t put your entire life online for people to have opinions about. However, as we hop onto part two of the Let’s Panic tour, I have promised to keep a tour diary, so today I’m revving up my little diarycycle and racing up and down your street to warm up. Brace yourself for the most revealing Momversation ever! Wherein Alice and I tell Rebecca how to manage her love life during pregnancy.



13 Responses to “Dear Diary”

  • My private blog and I, we relish this thing called privacy. It’s like the internet is young again, and only populated by my friends!

  • Privacy! I’ve heard of that. It’s something that used to be common back in the old days.
    *waves cane*
    *orders kids off lawn*
    *goes back in time to make sure Mark Zuckerberg never existed*

  • I stopped panicing about babies several kids ago. Now I panic about teenagers. Sequel?

  • the need for privacy is understandable. i do wish your dogs and the turtle would check-in more frequently.

  • I understand the need for privacy. Now if only my 11 year old would stop trying to unlock my bedroom door with a toothpick to tell me that he remembered some obscure fact about a video game he played last month. Honestly, he thought it was an emergency because if he didn’t tell me right then, even if I was in the shower, he might forget it again.

    I guess I am not so concerned about internet privacy since I have not gone to the bathroom by myself in 11 years between two kids and a dog that likes to stick his paw under the door and wave to me as if to remind me that he is still there even thought I haven’t tripped over him in the 30 seconds since I shut the door.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to read the diary, and wish that you would add the Cleveland area on your tour. That way I could meet two of my favorite bloggers at one time. I would like to hope that I would not embarrass myself by screaming and crying like a tweenage girl meeting Justin Beebers or the Jonas Brothers.

  • *slides off your neighbor’s roof* *packs up binoculars* *sighs* *goes home*

  • Privacy is the new black, no?

    I will be in attendance at the Chicago signing. What if everyone panics simultaneously — will there be riot police? One needs to be prepared for the possibility of tear gas. This is is Chicago, after all.

  • That was THE BEST MOMVERSATION OF ALL TIME. Seriously, they need to let you and Alice run that dog and pony show (or should I say goat and hamster show?) from here on out. FANTASTIC.