Tour Diary: San Francisco

On April 12, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

San Francisco, you were on your best behavior for us. Your sky was blue, your taxi cabs prompt, your coffee delicious, your streets colorful but unthreatening, and your residents inspiring.

You know what? I’ve had enough of the Golden Gate bridge and its majesty and grandeur and its gateway to Napa-ness. How about a round of applause for the Bay Bridge instead? Let’s dress up like a gang of motorcycle vikings and go to Oakland. C’mon, it’ll be fun.

Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up my motorcycle viking outfit from the cleaners, and Alice’s helmet wouldn’t fit in her suitcase.

This is City Lights Bookstore and no, we didn’t do a reading there, I just happened to be passing by as I walked home from our meet-up at The Press Club Wine Bar. At every stop on the BlogHer-sponsored portion of our tour we had meet-ups with whoever wanted to come out and say hello. Some who came out were bloggers, some we knew from Twitter, some were readers, and some were writers. Some drank and some didn’t. If you’re ever nervous about going to a meet-up where you don’t know anybody, you can be pretty sure that everybody else feels the same way, and that will be fine. We’ll talk to you no matter what the voices inside your head have been telling you about us. If you’re still not sure which way to go, Alice is the funny one and I’m the one who wants to hear your entire life story. (If you need more reassurance than that, may I recommend you read Pema Chödrön’s Comfortable with Uncertainty.)

At the readings, our crowds were about 80% women, 10% men, and 10% the result of men and women mixing their reproductive material. Note also the die-hard Fussy fans in the front row! San Francisco represents hard.

Anyone who asks me to sign her forehead automatically gets a piece of my heart. I’m writing up a proposal to arrange the marriage of this small, delightful person and my son. 

The meet-up after the reading at The Green Apple ended up being a full-on mimosa-fueled brunch situation complete with magnetic letters. Magnetic letters tempt young and old alike to misuse the English language. The sign for the restroom magically turned into BREASTROOM and it was way too far off the ground to blame on anyone under the age of twelve. Here you see our two sprites concocting some breathtakingly inappropriate poetry behind Alice’s back. 

After the meet-up we took a long, sobering walk over to a friend’s house to join her and a fistful of amazing women I was truly honored to meet for yet another mimosa-fueled gathering. This is Bug. He may be one of the most lovingly-photographed dogs on the Internet as we know it, but I couldn’t help but want to take my own shot of him. Bug is a Very Good Boy and is loyal, helpful, calm, obedient–basically, he’s the smallest Eagle Scout in these United States.

So, thank you, San Francisco, you never disappoint. Burlingame, I didn’t take a single photo of you so your post is going to have to wait until I can borrow some of Maggie and Alice’s.



23 Responses to “Tour Diary: San Francisco”

  • Won’t you please come to Cleveland? It would be so cool to see two of my favorite bloggers at the same time. I promise to appropriately gush on you and tell you how wonderful your writing is. I would even invite you over for a special drink we like to call Magic Punch. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

    • I dearly want to come to Cleveland but we’re committed to Minneapolis and then New Orleans for Mom 2.0, and then we need desperately to go home and reintroduce ourselves to our families and sleep in our own beds.

  • Bug is as cute as a… alright, I won’t.

    Looks like fun :)

  • Was lovely seeing you! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you this weekend, too. Girl can’t ever have enough Eden & Alice in her life, you know?

  • We were glad to have you. And you know, I’m going to cherish that photo of you two in the pitch black underground darkness, forEVER.

  • Love you and Eden, but what kind of dog is Bug?

  • er, you and Alice. I always read your blogs back to back. you have merged.

  • Fabulous to meet you two, sorry I talked your ear off. P.S. In that pic of you and Alice in the cab, it looks like she’s got a big crush on you. You are the Jordan Catalano to her Angela Chase.

  • Gawds, this is happifying. I’ve never even met the two of you (in rl) but nevertheless your success is making me kind of tearyeyed. Or maybe that’s the pollen.

  • I second the Cleveland request! Surely you’ll quickly tire of your families & yearn to spend more time living out of suitcases & talking to strangers for hours on end. When you do…. Cleveland! Oh, pretty please!

  • It was so nice to meet you two! Have safe trips to the Midwest and beyond!

  • That picture of you and Alice at almost the top is one of the best photographic depictions of friendship that I’ve ever seen, and I’m so glad you found each other and are able to do all of this great creative stuff together.

    I’m sure I’ll make some awkward attempt at hugging both of you in New Orleans this weekend. Please forgive. (Your panel is scheduled at the same time as mine, a cruelty mimicking the one time I spoke at BlogHer when I believe Alice was also scheduled in my time slot. So yeah I’ll probably just stand awkwardly by you some more. Look forward to it! ;))

  • Eden and Alice,
    I went to the St. Paul B&N last night by mistake. I don’t know how I got the date wrong.
    I bought your book (last copy on the shelf) and the lovely clerks are keeping it for you to sign. So sorry I missed you! You would have loved me.
    -Josie P.

  • You’re missing out, because Ohio is awesome. Okay, that’s a lie, but still!

  • Thanks, Eden. I would think merging would make the bathroom easier unless perhaps you haven’t totally merged 100%. You must be fighting it! Give in to the merge! ;)

    I’m sorry I missed your Chicago visit. Well, sorta sorry. UIC is a pain in the *** to get to from where I live and I don’t drive. And I hate crowds. And I work all the time. And I’m a little clinically depressed. And I don’t have kids. And I’m not going to have kids. I can’t stand loud noises (eg kids yelling). Yes that’s all insane. But, I’m addicted to you and Alice (and Heather and Meagan) but have no kids. I feel like a window shopper. You but you are all hilarious and I read about your (and A/H/M’s) parenting and grieve for the childhood I didn’t have.

  • Seems like a fun time. I need to go buy your book now.


    Thinking of you … no, actually, thinking of your pets. ;)

  • lovely lipstick. brand & shade?

  • So funny. I was going to say what Lori said. Your lipstick looks fantastic. You remind me of what my mother looked like when she was your age. I think the Irish must all be related.

    What a great tour. I never left my heart there, but part of my soul will always be in San Francisco. It smells like Chinese food, books, coffee and fog. Great place. Buying your book today with my Borders gift card before they go out of business.

  • Ha! I’m only a Kennedy by marriage, or as my husband says, “Irish by injection.” However, the lipstick that day was a combination of two things: a primary layer of Sephora cream lip stain 01 “Always Red” and a top layer of Revlon 740 “Certainly Red” lipstick. I’m not normally that complicated, but the lip stain stuff makes my lips feel dry and I couldn’t find any plain lip balm in my bag so I had to use lipstick instead.

  • Hi Eden,
    This is Mike Yen from your CA days. Congratulations on the blog and your book! I saw the note about the book in the CA Journal. I’m living in Knoxville, Tennessee after a few years in Alabama and North Carolina. I’m no longer a TV sportscaster but instead a stay-at-home dad to our daughter and loving it. My wife is a pediatrician so I’m sure she’d be interested in your book. Mona is still in Denver with a husband and three daughters. Anyway, I’m thrilled for you and wish you continued success.