I am tired

On June 29, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

I’ve decided to continue ignoring Flickr and keep posting MY random photographs here on MY site. I don’t care if it’s inconvenient for everyone to have to come over to MY SITE to see MY THINGS. I don’t care if no one misses me over in Flickrland. I’m happy that I have a bunch of old photos stored there, especially after my back-up hard drive ate the high-res versions (low-res is better than no-res at all), but fuck Flickr. Thank you, and fuck you. I frequently have both of those feelings at the same time, as I’m sure many people do. I love you but I fucking hate you. Equally.

It feels right.

Here’s the birthday cake I made for Jackson.

He wanted a bunch of Naruto stuff for his birthday, some of which he got. It turns out that the red cloud symbol is actually used by the Naruto bad-guy gangster types, the Akatsuki, but whatever. We can’t all worship Pat Boone. I had an unhealthy desire to be a Playboy Bunny when I was a girl, but I got through it.

Man, I am cranky. Week-night sleepovers are a bad idea.



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  • I wanted to be Daisy Duke. Jessica Simpson has kind of ruined that point of reference, but I’m still not sure it’s so bad to aspire to be a hot chick who takes no crap.

  • Weeknight sleepover? Shudder.

    But then, I really just don’t like sleepovers. Though I don’t mind delivering my child to your house, if you are crazy enough to offer. I think my son has one friend that I can stand to have for a sleepover. He’s very, very quiet around adults, but a barrel of laughs with my kid. Perfect.

    Also, our house doesn’t have fun food. Because I would eat it all. So sleepover plus need to stock in junk or listen to children complain about food? Aagh.

  • haha I wish I could make cakes as pretty as that!

  • I recall wanting to be a Solid Gold dancer. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than a Playboy Bunny. That cake looks delicious.

  • Thank you, actually. My work started blocking flickr and now not only do I have no access to my photos during the day, I also can’t see those that others post in their blogs when using the flicker paste link. My afternoon is much happier after getting to see an actual picture described in post.

  • You so funny. Even when you’re cranky. And I am too, fuck you very much.

  • Sleepovers scare me, because I need down time. Just from mine, I need down time, so I can’t imagine renting more kids. It’s got to be done soon, however, or I’m never going to have anyone to foist my kid on.

  • I thought that the cake was supposed to be a steak.

  • I love it when you’re bitchy. Because it used to be Bitchen to be Bitchy and now we just get Bitch-slapped for it. I would like to work in a Bitch-in-heat reference at this point but am too Bitched out to make it work.

  • The cake is lovely, as are you in your new bathrobe. I’m glad you explained the cake because I would have missed the reference.

    What happened with flickr? I’m already pissed off by proxy.

    • Nothing happened, Flickr is a fine service. I’m just tired of having my stuff spread all over, I like it here where I can find it.

  • Isn’t it nice to be so ignored on Flickr? It makes you feel all tingly.

  • I think I may have developed an unhealthy obsession with you and Alice Bradley, (as in reading through your archives, laughing till I pee and omg wanna be BFFs?) I can’t wait to buy your book, one copy for me just because I think you guys are hilarious and one for my dear friend because she’s still in the throes of newborn sleep-deprivation and regularly sends me texts like “why does my husband get to train for marathons and I don’t even get to have a shower?’”
    Is is better for you guys if I order from a certain place or is amazon ok?
    Keep up the good work!

    • YOU ARE SO NICE. Order it from wherever you want, Amazon shut down my associate account because they did that to everyone who lives in California. Or you can order it through Alice’s Amazon link! She would like that!

  • I am very curious about what went into that wonderfully dark chocolate frosting…if you tell me it came from a can, I will jet straight to the nearest store and eat it with my fingers, right there in the aisle.
    Then I will look at horrified onlookers while licking my chocolate-smeared fingers and blankly say, “What? Can I help you?”.

    I have two kids, so totally recognized the Naruto art – nicely done : )

    • It was buttercream (two sticks butter, one box powdered sugar, a little bit of milk) mixed with some unsweetened cocoa powder, and then I added a big dash (less than a teaspoon, probably?) of black food coloring. Schilling makes it, so it’s around in grocery stores.