On June 24, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

This is what we looked like ten years ago:

This is what we look like now:

Happy birthday week, Beast. This just gets better all the time.



22 Responses to “Specifically”

  • You are both ridiculously adorable.

  • get ready to start fighting off those young girls.

  • Are you sure Jack’s the father?

  • What a glorious juxtaposition of portraits–love it!

  • It does! It does just get better and better.

  • Happy birthday, Jackson! Well done, Eden and Jack.

  • One day he’ll have that second photo on his college-room wall. It’s wonderful, and you are both gorgeous. Esme really doesn’t understand how Jackson can be turning ten later this week when he clearly looks about 21 to her eyes.

  • you make me chuckle.

  • Do you think he likes older women? I have a 12 year old who is right up his alley. Though, he’s going to have to kick that habit first.

  • Wow, is he a cutie. Good taste in ball teams as well. Happy birthday, Jackson. You’re two whole hands worth of fingers old.


    sorry, I had to get that out of the way.

    Happy Birthday, Jackson! You’re my favorite kid who is not my son.

  • As Angella already said, you are both adorable.

    Do you ever miss that pregnancy nest in the first photo?

  • You two look just like the runners we’re lookin’ for here at the Tallahassee FBI headquarters. Sallie Mae Bob known for runnin’ gin in her Senia mini-van over the Canadian borderline and in her employ a former Hell’s Kitchen poker fixer name of James John Jeremiah Jones. Also known for purchasing illicit sugar cigarettes and pawning them off on a bunch of MILFs who were more than happy to tousle the young lad’s hair in return. A real lady killer. We take ‘em dead or alive for a free all-inclusive three day weekend in a waterfront mobile home at Lake Havasu.

  • Such dark and lovely blue eyes he has!

  • Your first picture makes me wish I had more than just the one pregnant mama photo I took…at like 14 weeks. You both are so stunning; thanks for sharing. Happy birthday week to both of you!

  • I can’t believe you let your 10 year old smoke. I only let mine drink, and no hard stuff. Happy Birthday, Jackson!

  • I found your blog by google-something about birth stories. I read yours and emailed you mine because we both had HUGE baby boys.
    Gah, how they grow! Mine is 3 1/2, I can’t beleive it.
    I loved candy cigs when I was his age, too…followed by a Jolt soda chaser.
    Happy Birthday, Jackson!

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