Just trying to earn some gas money

On July 22, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

Hey, I’ll be at the BlogHer conference in a couple of weeks, will you be there, too? It’s going to be a busy one. Friday noon I’ll be up on the dais during a lunch sponsored by Bill My Parents, I’ll be chatting in a sort of comical but useful way with Alice, Kristen, and Liz about children and all the clever ways we can think of to keep them from spending your money. I’ll give you a hint: surveillance. I’ll give you another hint: monkeys.

Oh, sure,” you say, “I’ve already got surveillance monkeys, tell me something I don’t know.



Friday night I’ll be MCing the Community Keynote, where twelve lovely people will read the good stuff or show us the good stuff they’ve been posting online lately. Saturday I’m part of a panel that will discuss what it’s like to manage an online community, which I used to do with NaBloPoMo before I sold it to . . . BlogHer. Full circle!

So, if you’re going to be in San Diego and you see me strolling around, please say hello. It seems they aren’t going to have a have a room set up where people can sell stuff this year, but if you want a copy of Let’s Panic! or one of my t-shirts, let me know, I’ll be selling them out of the trunk of my car. Because the monkeys spent all my money.

Bill My Parents will be sponsoring me to talk about just about anything other than monkeys at BlogHer. Click here if you’d like to come to the lunch! Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis.



10 Responses to “Just trying to earn some gas money”

  • Man, I wish I could be there. You! Alice! Monkey discussion! A party not to be missed.

  • I suddenly, like just now, got incredibly excited about BlogHer.

  • One day I will go and meet the people I already think of as friends. I would love for you to be among the first. I mean that in the most un-creepy way possible.

  • Don’t forget your top hat!

  • You know I’m gonna like hug you or something right?

  • What if I have your T shirt?

    And your book?

    What else can I do to help you pay for your monkeys?

    I imagine you being 6 ft tall.

    I just do.

    See you Friday night and I canNOT wait.


    P.S. I’ll be the one with the @fussy Revenge T shirt, a copy of Let’s Panic under my arm and “FINSLIPPY RULES” sharpied across my forehead.

  • Shoot! I’d considered going this year, but now my mom’s having a heart procedure in Minnesota on the 5th. This is too bad, as I wanted to wave a lighter overhead whenever you or Alice spoke, and then talk other BlogHer attendees into getting commemorative tattoos. Shit shit shit.

  • After a fantastic first BlogHer last year, I decided to ditch the conference this year to save money for a sailing adventure I’ll be embarking on in a couple months. Very excited about my new adventure, but, honestly, pretty bummed I’m missing all the learning, blogging, laughing, fun fun.

  • Hello Eden — I will indeed be at BlogHer and will be the woman with fake teeth stalking you. In fact I’ve had one of your hairs (stolen by a monkey spy) Fed-Exed to me overnight so I would have time to brew it into a Harry Potteresque PollyJuice potion which I will drink in order to look JUST LIKE YOU. So when you see your separated-at-birth twin — se mois. Now, back to drinking.

  • I’m bummed that I won’t be there to see you this time! Break a leg!