An Idea, an Announcement, and a Raffle!

On October 30, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

First of all, every time I get into my car I have to hook up my iPhone to the car’s cassette adapter so I can listen to music or podcasts or whatever, and every time I do that I think, “Why can’t my car just be a giant iPod?” I mentioned this to Jackson the other day when I was driving him to school and he immediately flipped open the glove compartment.

“The keyboard could be here,” he said, miming typing on the flipped down glove compartment door.

“No, but then how am I going to control it from over here while I’m driving?” I said. “Maybe there could be buttons on the steering wheel.”

“No. Voice control,” he said. “Duh.”

“Oh, duh,” I said.



Jackson delighted at the thought of us screaming at the car not to play what the other person in the car wanted to hear. Clearly the iCarPod would have to be wired to respond only to the voice of the person who made the last car payment.

Whip that up for me, would you Apple? Because with iCloud I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t be possible. I would dump my Volvo in a heartbeat for one that was basically a giant speaker on wheels.

Secondly, don’t forget that NaBloPoMo starts Tuesday! Oh, no! Even though I sold it to BlogHer last spring, I’m still going to post every day in November because what kind of a blogger would I be if I abandoned the very thing that once gave my life meaning, and also gave me an excuse to post pictures of all of my shoes?

Lastly, I’m going to Camp Mighty in a couple of weeks, not because I am ready to plow through my life list (I have fourteen things on it so far, none of which I particularly want to show anyone at the moment) but because Maggie is always creating something interesting and I like being a part of how it all plays out.

When I signed up there was an option to get a discount on the weekend if you raised $200 for a group called Charity: Water. So, I signed up for that, because saving money is always a thrill. And how hard could it be to raise $200?

It turns out that it’s sort of hard.

I have raised $50 so far by selling shoes on eBay, but I need to come up with another $150, so I’m following the lead of a few other Mighty Campers* and I’m trying a raffle.

Here is what you could win:

  1. A $50 Amazon gift certificate
  2. This necklace that I made out of random beads in my bead box:

3. An Instax Mini 25 instant camera and one roll of film:

4. A calligraphy kit!

All you have to do to enter is buy a $2.00 raffle ticket. You can buy as many as you want, and every dime of ticket money will go to Charity: Water. And yes, technically, by buying a raffle ticket you are helping my weekend in Palm Springs cost $200 less, and I completely understand if that rubs you the wrong way. But your $2.00 is going to an amazing cause, so I hope that knowledge rubs your fur back in the right direction.

The raffle will be open until midnight Friday, November 4, 2011. Thank you! Good luck!


*As mentioned on Boston Mamas, some of our fellow and sister campers are fundraising creatively if you want to support them:

  • The aforementioned Amy’s raffle is live until November 2.
  • Lisa Congdon is selling gorgeous prints.
  • Erica is baking banana bread
  • Linz is offering 20 percent off her design services.
  • Alison is selling greeting cards.
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    12 Responses to “An Idea, an Announcement, and a Raffle!”

    • Ha ha. I love this raffle. I felt very rubbed in all directions and it felt good.

    • Uh oh now I can’t get the button to work and I don’t feel good. Does it work? Is it just my crummy laptop?

      • You can email me with a link, although I realize that’s a hassle. I will check back also. I have some weird internet issues due to site blocking so it might just be me.

    • I actually have voice control via Ford’s “Sync” system in my car for playing music, but it only works for when I have a USB drive with music plugged into the port. I haven’t tried it on an Ipod since I don’t own one – and my phone didn’t want to connect via USB cable so for audio output on that I have to either use Bluetooth audio, which skips, or a boring old line in cable. I usually end up just listening to Sirius.

      Good luck with the raffle!

    • PayPal is SOOO sucky! I should have been able to donate multiples of $2 all at one time – but not only could I not do that, when I tried to donate the 2nd time it told me I had already done that and perhaps my account had been hacked!
      Sigh….I want that necklace too. I’ll try again.

    • Charity:Water is a great cause, and I really want an Instax. That necklace is gorgeous too.

    • In response to Pambamboo’s comment… Eden, you may be able to recreate the button allowing us to change quantities.

    • I was to late to donate to Holly’s Charity:Water cause so I’m happy to be able to do so here! And, I already have a Kitchenaid. :)

    • Okay, I did it, using my husband’s PayPal account (b/c I don’t have one and I don’t want one; I have too many accounts to manage already). He’s Dustin.
      I really hope I win this b/c my soon to be 8yo son wants a camera and the instamax would be perfect, and I love that necklace you made. I may have to go back and donate again.

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