On October 1, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

If you’re new here, one of the first things you need to see is Peewee:

We call that “the look.” You see it most often when he’s been sitting at the top of the stairs for a long time waiting for someone to take him out. It means, “Seriously? My bladder is so full it’s pushed all my organs into my throat. You’ve stepped over me three times. I know you know I’m here.” (That face is also a dead giveaway that he’s been watching Taxi Driver again.)

See those two whitish spots just below his shoulder blades? I love those spots. Sometimes I scratch him there and whisper, “That’s where your wings used to be.” Then I imagine Peewee, not as an angel, but bumping around the living room and knocking shit over like a giant bumblebee.

Awww, Bumblewee!



14 Responses to “Bumblewee”

  • I love your angel of a dog!

  • Peewee is a love. Makes me miss my bulldog…My Morgan does have wings as she was the BEST dog…smelly farts, scared to death of thunder and getting her head stuck under the bed trying to hide, hating to be touched by water, bra stealing to keep in her bed and all. Give Peewee an extra scratch for me, please.

  • I hope you follow him up those stairs one day with a video camera. Watching him climb them was one of the best dog things I’ve ever seen.

    Extra scratch from me, too, please.

  • Peewee is a great name for a dog. Having a small, short-haired dog has allowed me to become aware of the charms of this kind of dog. I used to be one of those ‘only big dogs’ snobs but now I get it and am ashamed of my former attitudes.

    I always expect resentment in my dog for my incompetent ways but all I get is gratitude and adoration. Occasionally, there is some pee but it’s not resentful pee.

  • Awesome post. Love your blog!

  • I can easily see Peewee floating around your home with tiny wings. I love Peewee.

  • Oh, man–I hope I am not opening a door to something awful here, but where is Cookie? I don’t remember reading about Cookie going elsewhere, but perhaps I am just not remembering things properly. Can I get a Cookie update?

  • My friend Cyndi said the other day that cats are just angels in little fur suits. I think we can apply that to dogs too.

  • hahahahahaha he’s too cute.

  • I lurv him.
    Please regale me with stories that illustrate why I should not get a bulldog – I’m a sucker for the short, squat dog and we have 5 already….protect me from myself, Mrs. Kennedy, I implore you.

  • Not giant bumbling bumblewee! Delicate, petite and flower-like bumblewee.

  • He’d be(e) a little like Heimlich from A Bug’s Life. But, it goes without saying, way cuter.
    I miss the tales of Peanut.