Day Four!

On November 4, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

Good Lord, how am I supposed to post when I’m traveling without a laptop? We haven’t had a weekend away without Jackson since 2005. We took a little drive up through wine country and now I’ve had several glasses of champagne. What do you want from me, NaBlo? I’m going to eat some calamari now.



4 Responses to “Day Four!”

  • I don’t know why my brain initially thought that “a weekend away without Jackson” meant that you hadn’t actually told Jackson you were going away, but it did. I am assuming though, that you are a better mother than my brain.

  • That would be like me, just to try to sneak out without anyone noticing.

  • I am attempting the NaBloPoMo challenge and was reminded by my husband that I will be traveling (driving) across the country (California to Oklahoma) for the week of Thanksgiving, with my children, alone. I am already trying to figure that one out for the days I will be driving.