Day One!

On November 1, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

Well, here we are again, Day One of National Blog Posting Month. You will be seeing me here daily for the rest of the month, should you choose to stop by. I have to leave for work in fifteen minutes but I still have something for you! Which are:

  1. A link to a funny story I told on the first day of NaBlo five years ago, just to give you something more substantial to read, entitled, “Day One, Or Snatching My Child’s Nuts From the Jaws of Defeat,” and
  2. An addition to the raffle I started on Sunday:

It’s a little calligraphy case with ink and brushes and a brush stand and, well, you can see all that. It’s nice. Here’s that raffle link again! It’s running until Friday.



7 Responses to “Day One!”

  • I needed a little light relief today. You DO know that poor Jackson is going to relive that experience [wearing his nutsack/teabags/eier, as our German friends call them] on the outside of his Halloween costume, on a therapist’s couch, over and over and over……….”Yeah, I think it all goes back to the time I had to wear my epuipment outside my clothes, at my mother’s insistence!”
    Poor little guy….On the other hand, think what a great story it’ll be to tell his grandchildren.” I’d been feeling kind of dismal ’til I read this….Thank you!

  • I gave my sister a calligraphy set just like that for Christmas about 10 years ago. I thought it was so pretty, and she does watercolor and brush-and-ink work, so it was a good fit. I hope whomever ends up with it puts it to good use, too.

    I think I may join you in BloPoMo. I need a swift kick in the butt.

  • I just found your blog and love it. Funny stuff.


  • I pictured you today, taking a bath, sipping tea and not worrying a damn bit about Nablopomo. Yet, here you are and it feels really good to know you’ll still be here every day. We are all so busy and life is so crazy that it does my soul good to know that THIS PLACE will be consistently providing me good stuff (no pressure) for the next month. Especially the shoes. I love the shoes.

  • For a moment I thought it was a beaded benwa balls anal kit. Whew. Glad I was mistaken.

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