Day Ten!

On November 10, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

I am in Palm Springs and I may have had a couple of beers. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll have one more. I am eating nuts for dinner and brainstorming life with Alice. I picked her up at LAX at noon. An hour later we stopped at a Wendy’s outside of Moreno Valley, and an hour after that we were standing in the lobby of the Ace Hotel looking at Jon‘s mustache. I am embarrassed by my life list. I want nothing more at this moment than what I have, which is my feet on my bed, my laptop, the Beatles on the radio, and the minibar taunting me from across the room.

I will try harder at NaBlo from here on out, I said, having no idea whether or not that was true.



4 Responses to “Day Ten!”

  • i approve of the beer & beatles buzz. but i’d also advise you to always keep a cocktail umbrella with you to provide extra enhancement to those spontaneous mini-bar moments.

  • You know, if the reason you can’t come up with a life list is because you already have everything you want, then I’d say you’ve already completed your life list. Don’t worry about it any more. And definitely don’t be embarrassed.

  • The Ace!!! Is it amazingly/fun? I think it’s the perfect Fussy ethos – seriously. I bet you look like you were made for each other.

    Craig Mattox, the chef is a friend of mine. Look him up and tell him “Mit” says hi. He does amazing things with food.

    Spending a week at the Ace is on my life-list. <3

  • Why do those mini bars tempt us? Oh, and good luck with that, what did you call it, ‘life list’? Yeah, I should do one of those one day, nah, I tend to just ‘wing it’ not the best approach, oh well!