Day Twenty-eight

On November 28, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

Me: “You’re weird.”

Jackson: “Weird means oddly fantastic.”

Me: “It does?”

Jackson: “We looked it up in my class.”

Me: “So I can’t call you weird?”

Jackson: “No, Mom. Grammar. People are weirdos.”

And he says he hates school.



6 Responses to “Day Twenty-eight”

  • You’re weird works. Weird is an adjective. Weirdo is a noun. As in you are a weirdo. Kids.

    • I know, but I just loved how he said it with so much authority. We actually had this exchange two years ago, I just found it in my drafts folder today. I believe he’s clearer on his parts of speech now that he’s almost up to my chin, but I will ask just to make sure.

  • “You’re oddly fantastic!” I’m trying that one out tomorrow.

  • I just looked up “weird” and “weirdo” in the dictionary thanks to your post. In retrospect, that seems kind of silly. Was I afraid that I was using it wrong? Possibly. I think maybe I’m just sleepy.

  • My dictionary doesn’t tell me that I’m oddly fantastic, only bizarre or uncanny.
    I demand a new dictionary.