Day Twenty-six

On November 26, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

I took Yoda’s advice and went to see the new Twilight today with Jackson. Afterward, I almost spent $30 on Jacob and Edward action figures (20% off at Metro Comics), but I just couldn’t pull the trigger with Bella missing. Also, $30 on two action figures? The fact that I even considered it points to an imbalance of some sort in my life. I think I need to find a new direction.



4 Responses to “Day Twenty-six”

  • Business expense for yogabeans?

  • Yes, I was thinking that if anyone makes good use of action figures it’s you.

    In fact, I was THRILLED reading this knowing it will lead to some unbelievable hilarity. PLEASE look for Bella!!!!

    I feel bad about the above comment since I’m clearly one of those people who gets in the way of someone else’s self-actualization. Like the mom who tries to get her vegetarian kid to eat meat or something.

    So…go in your other direction. I take back what I said. Just know that if you weaken and buy those action figures, it’s not *so* bad.

  • In an unexpected turn, we spent a good bit of time at our Thanksgiving dinner this weekend reliving the glory that was your yogabeans post for my girl (which is how she views it) with various tiny children gleefully crowing “There’s a little girl in Brooklyn who wants this guy dead!”
    So just imagine: if you had all the Twilight figurines think how many holiday dinners you would make awesome! Isn’t that what the season’s all about?
    Unless it will make you sad, then you shouldn’t do it.

  • Oh my God, you guys, I just won an eBay auction for an Alice figure. Can Jasper be far behind?