Day Twenty-two

On November 22, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

We went down to the Toys R Us in Oxnard after school today, and I shot a little video of the trip down the 101. It takes about 66 seconds to watch. At the end you’ll see that a lot of people park their RVs along the beach in wintertime.



5 Responses to “Day Twenty-two”

  • No wonder Jack had to go home!

  • I think you just stopped short of those rollercoaster type drops just before the surfing spot. I love those! and always throw my hands up in the air. In fact I will be driving through there tomorrow. Wheee!

  • You saved me the trouble of asking about the music, thank you. I’m on a jazz kick these days.

    The California Board of Tourism should pay highly for that spot.

  • That was lovely. Thank you. I especially enjoyed the music, but really… that could have gone on for an hour and I would’ve been happy.