Day Twenty

On November 20, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

I have a little bit of a thing for the hydrangeas in my neighborhood, and last April 26 I started taking pictures of one particular plant that’s in the back by our garage. Every year it gets cut down to the nubs, and every year it comes back, so I thought that instead of merely charting its demise, I’d chart its growth and it’s demise. Every few days, when the plant was in shade, I’d take a picture from roughly the same position. All through August and September I waited for the gardeners to see that it had passed the prime of its bloom and cut it back, but they left it, giving me faith in fading beauty, and let it have a long and pleasant dotage that lasted until last week.



9 Responses to “Day Twenty”

  • What a beautifully eloquent post! Thank you! I would love to get this as a poster. Cheers

  • Beautiful plants, Great Documentation, Really Consistent Images. Eden, this was a lot of work. Wonderful job on the sequence.

  • To me, hydrangeas have always been potential horror stories. Their leaves and petals are bunched so close together, and I remember leaning in, in, in as a child so I could really see what the plant was about, and that’s when I realised the whole thing was moving with red ants. Seething. The ants had marched up my arm and ringed themselves around the collar of my shirt, and I ran home, flinging my shirt on the lawn as I went.

    Your hydrangeas look perfectly fine, though. Nice, even.

  • Very nice. Someone should animate it.

  • Thanks, guys. Kim, I spent most of yesterday afternoon making it into a little movie and I just couldn’t get it to a point I was happy with. In the end I liked scrolling better, but I’m sure someone else could get all National Geographic on it.

  • Absolutely lovely! I prefer the stills too.

  • This is wonderful.

  • I love hydrangeas. Too bad its beauty would be lost on Madonna!

  • this is so lovely!