Day Two!

On November 2, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. Fifteen years ago today it was a Saturday morning and I was in a cold sweat. Our neighbor, Linda, was arranging chairs in the backyard, Jack was standing around laughing and being far too relaxed about everything, and I was on the phone yelling at the bakery that had no record of our order for a four-tier cake and finger food for 50+ guests.

It takes a lot for me to yell at someone. I sound exactly like my mom when I do, my voice drops a register and comes from somewhere deep in my chest. I think it’s hilarious that anyone takes me seriously in that state. It’s like I’m trying to sound like a yeti.

As soon as he heard that our cake was M.I.A. our other neighbor, Lance, ran to the grocery store and bought and decorated a sheet cake for us, which was ten times better than any four-layer strawberry-covered monstrosity I could have dreamed up.

Oh my God we look so young.

(The whole cake story is here.)

It seems like everything worked out because here we are, 5,475 days later. We’ve had some amazing times and some extremely rough times. But I’m not big on public displays of affection, I’m afraid, so there will be no sentimentality here today.

Yes, we were wearing sunglasses. It was bright.



25 Responses to “Day Two!”

  • Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

  • Happy anniversary!

  • Happy anniversary! You got married exactly one month and three years after I did! That makes us, like, creepy internet faux-twins who don’t actually know each other! Yay!

  • Happy Anniversary!

  • Awhhh! What a lovely smooch….Congratulations!

  • Sometimes the things that seem like the biggest disaster on your wedding day make the best stories.

    Happy Anniversary.

  • OMG. For a terrible moment, I thought you were still able to fit into your wedding dress today. I was thoroughly in despair.


  • Happy Anniversary!

  • And many more! You look better now. Happy anniversary!

    Is it creepy if I share that our fifteenth was last month and our only, a ten year old, if I recall correctly is either one week or one day younger than Jackson?

    The similarities fairy ripped me off. In a heartbeat I would trade the calendar thing to upgrade to being a clever writer, or my husband knowing how to play the bass.

  • Happy Anniversary! A great cake story is way better than a fancy cake.

  • that last photo is so classic it looks vintage. happy anniversary.

  • I love how you say “no sentimentality” and then end the post with a picture of a kiss. SUCKER! Even you and your cold, black heart can not hide from love.

    Oh, sorry. I thought I was talking to my husband.

  • Some weddings could not have recovered so gracefully from something so devastating, but that cake was very nicely put together–Lance must be a great guy! Happy anniv-a day late! 15 years is impressive! Congrats!

  • Aw, you guys make such a great looking couple. Happy anniversary!

  • Here’s to many many more happy years! Happy anniversary!

  • Happiest of anniversaries to you!

  • Happy Anniversary!! Here is to many any more crazy adventures

  • LOVE. Life is grand. xo thanks for sharing.

  • Okay add wedding anniversary to things in common (along with love of short hair, shoes and similar birthing stories.)

    Happy 15th! here’s to the next 5,475 days.


  • Happy belated anniversary! (my 9th was Halloween)

    BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR SHOES?? I remember reading your original post and going all squee about the awesome matching shoes (not that your shoes matched, since that would be obvious – but yours and Jack’s shoes – so much awesome) and then googling the hell out of the web trying to find similar…. unless I am having a shoe-induced delusion and just attributing awesome matching shoes to you since you are both so quirky/cool. :)

    • Jack’s shoes were straight rockabilly brothel-creepers, and mine I believe were Anne Taylor? Or some other lady-brand like that. They both went to Salvation Army eventually. :-/

  • Although I have been reading for about six years now, I seem to always forget that we share a wedding anniversary. We’re a year behind you and we look like children playing dress up in our wedding photos. Happy Anniversary!

  • <3

  • Cheers! Fifteen years is substantial; doesn’t it add gravity just saying it? Your photos are awesome as is the cake. I agree that having a friend make something (no matter how half-ass) with love just makes everything taste better. My husband and I just celebrated our 14th, so right behind you!