Here, look at this

On December 19, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

UPDATE: I put the wrong video up. The right one is now below the wrong one. Watch both of them if you want!

Remember back in October when I told you how I went to New York to buy a cheesecake, and accidentally made a video with Alice and Bethenny Frankel? Well, it may have been the other way around. The point is, that video is now live and I am both contractually and morally obligated to show it to you.

The story I told is actually true. The only reason I thought of dipping the baby in the toilet was the fact that Jack likes to tell us how his dad used to rinse his hair in the toilet. Jack’s dad was an incredibly dapper man who grew up on a farm in Indiana and went on to work for Esquire, be a TV cowboy, and write a Gene Hackman movie, so you’ll have to piece it all together from there.

The other thing I was thinking during the video was, “Do I even have any Clorox products in my house right now?” And I remembered that I did because I specifically bought a big bottle of bleach the last time my survivalist instincts bubbled up and I thought I ought to have a way to make clean drinking water in case of [insert post-apocalyptic scenario here].



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  • Okay Bethany. I’m coming clean.
    I always let the dirt win.

  • I never comment here, but you look gorgeous in the video. That is all.

  • You look fantastic and not even one bit incredulous in this video.

  • You do look gorgeous in that video. But I was really struck by the affection on your face as you watched Alice tell her story. It added to your gorgeousness.

  • Well, that third mommy was just left in the dust! You and Alice looked beautiful. I agree with Maureen. And, wow to have been a fly on the wall in that green room.

  • Aw, that third mommy was great, she just didn’t get a chance to do anything in this video (we did a bunch). I also think I look rumpled and weird, so I guess you guys like me with lipgloss and clothes that need to be ironed.

  • That video scared me a little. She’s not coming over to my house anytime, is she?

  • Egads, Ms. Frankel’s voice is as annoying as Alice’s is lovely. Alice should be doing the interviews. And do we get to see your clip eventually? I want to hear the baby in the toilet story! Er. Unless I’m doing it wrong somehow.

  • I can’t believe I put the wrong clip up. Mine is now below Alice’s!

    Bethenny’s A-OK with me, and I bet if she did come over to your house she’d bring some margarita mix.

  • First of all you and Alice look like twins separated at birth. Both smoking hot of course.

    Second, my family and I have developed such an acute tolerance of bleach that we now brush our teeth with it, use it as eye drops, drink it from a Britta filter and occasionally swim in it in our above ground pool. It also helps rid you of pesky unwanted hair. Basically, all hair.

  • I totally just found your father in law on Wikipedia. I’m such an effing librarian — no WAY I could leave that research trail untrodden.

    In other news, I don’t own any bleach, as I’ve been on a complete ‘I can clean anything with vinegar and moxie’ kick. But now that you’ve mentioned apocalyptic scenarios, I may have to rectify that.

  • I realize that it is really silly to take this conversation to the beauty level, but all the mommy bloggers look more human and seem more awesome/real/beautiful than that woman whose forehead can’t really move. I realize they wanted to pair “internet famous” mommy bloggers with “famous” new mom Frankel, but jeez louise, couldn’t they have chosen some famous mom who actually makes me want to use their bleach product? Instead I’m irked they’ve underutilized the real stars, the internet famous, rather than that real housewife of whoah ny universe I can’t bring myself to care about.

    • This is interesting, because I didn’t really know who Bethenny was either, but I’m sure she has big numbers according to the people who measure these things. Who’s a famous mom who’d want to make you use bleach? The first people who come to mind for me are Florence Henderson (?) and Carmela from The Sopranos, but I doubt either of them was available.

      • OMG I’d so buy bleach from Carmela Soprano. Or the mom from American Horror Story. Maybe Rick’s wife from Walking Dead, though she doesn’t seem all that practical. Also Lady MacBeth.

  • That is a strange question. Who do I trust to tell me about cleaning products? I’d take advice from a clean person:

    or that lady who wrote all about cleaning and housekeeping in that huge book I can’t remember the name of. Or some unknown mom in law.

    We live in such a weird world where we need a celebrity or a faux celebrity to convince us to buy cleaning products. Can’t we just trust each other enough to leave it to the real moms? Like everyone who can actually move theirvforeheads? (I feel like I should stop snarking on bethenny f, but gosh, I see her and think irk, not bleach expert). (I believe in the expertise of real people over the expertise of some lady. I believe in the expertise of my peers, not some manhattan lady who probably hires a maid.)

  • So, I would totally buy bleach products from you and Alice (and probably the other blogger) but not Bethenny. The way she said, “That’s a messy story.” was so disingenuous that I had to stop the video. Someone should make a .gif of her saying that.

    Plus also, isn’t she a former “real housewife” of something? I am fairly certain that she has Help to take care of all her disinfecting needs.

    You and Alice were lovely though. And though I’ve never had poop in the bathtub, I’ve had it on just about every other surface in the house, and I agree. Disinfect.

  • I love each and every one of you with all my heart but let’s all lay off of Bethenny here because she’s just trying to do her job.

  • your hair looks lovely during this grow-out.

  • You have a great voice.

  • We experienced an eerily similar kid-pooping-in-the-tub incident, and it ended with draining the tub and bleaching the hell out of it.

    Also, your boots! My eye went directly to your fabulous boots when they appeared. Well done!

  • Hi Eden — me again. I just wanted to let you know I’ve cursed you with The Versatile Blogger Award on my site. It’s a curse because it does require some Herculean tasks in order to accept it. It’s a blessing however as it does build blogger community and support. It might be a post holiday venture should you choose to accept. In the meantime, here’s the link …

    And have a lovely holiday!

  • I too am unable to say anything about the content because I had no idea how super hot you were and now I don’t know what to think. Damn, I feel shallow but I swear I loved you before I realized this. I know–there were pictures and it was obvious you have great legs….OK, maybe I should stop right there.

  • While I am completely familiar with Bethenny, she always seems very irritated so it is doubtful I would listen to her regarding cleaning products or anything else, really. Glad you had a good experience with her though. And c’mon people. It’s just poo (and baby poo at that) so what’s the big deal? I’m sure little Brynn has pooped in Bethenny’s tub, or puked on her, or SOMETHING.