I haven’t been avoiding you!

On December 14, 2011 by Eden M. Kennedy

I didn’t really mean to stop posting at the end of November, I was on a roll! But then December 1 was World AIDS Day, where you’re supposed to go silent to honor all the people who’ve died of AIDS, and then I had to work the next few days in a row, and then bam! I was on a plane to New York reading a book about midwifery and preparing for this:

This is the set in Brooklyn where Alice and I filmed the first twelve episodes of MomEd, a new series for cafemom.com. We talked about childbirth and yes, I know we are not childbirth experts, we are fake-childbirth-book-writing experts. Fortunately, not just for us but for everyone who ends up watching these videos, they hired a crack researcher and booked actual experts to sit next to us and tell us how it’s done. Saul, for example:

Saul is an actual Park Avenue doctor who performed a c-section on our other guest, Lyss, who’s the co-author of If You Give a Mom a Martini (which is not an adult version of the If You Give a Moose a Muffin series, though that might have some potential). Saul wanted to sing show tunes but Alice wouldn’t let him! So we talked about c-sections instead.

Whenever we had to start a new take, I’d get my energy up by thinking, “I get to be in a video!” And then I’d go EEEEEEE! in my head and Ben, the director (far left), would smile because he could read my thoughts.

Joe was our prop master and Haley was our logistics coordinator and I’m sorry I don’t have better pictures of either of them. The prop baby was just sort of inert after Alice dropped it on its head. Ha ha! Kidding. It was plastic.

We did one episode sitting in a birthing tub with a British person!

We also had to shoot separate footage of Alice and me explaining medical terms. We called these “knowledge transfers” because this was where we transferred knowledge from cue cards to the camera. We are magical conveyor belts of  wisdom.

I know, the cue card guy was cute! I don’t know why I look slightly jaundiced here. Perhaps my bilirubin was low.

We shot in the studio for three days and then went out on the street Friday morning to corral Park Slope moms into telling us their birth stories, and may I say that Park Slope moms are uniformly adorable. Every Brooklyn mom we spoke to was cogent, thoughtful, articulate, brave, and humbled by what they went through to get their babies out, and it was an honor to talk to every one of them.

Then I got on a plane and developed a massive chest cold, from which I am still recovering, five days later. I am so happy to be in my own bed, there are no words. And now I’m going to take another nap, the end.



8 Responses to “I haven’t been avoiding you!”

  • Welcome back to your blog! I haven’t been hanging out here waiting or anything. By the way, I noticed you’re out of milk.

  • Do you even know that it’s my dream to sit in a birthing tub with a British person? If that birthing tub was filled with warm scrambled eggs, you just lived out my fantasy. (I’m glad you’re back.)

  • Look at all the great pictures you got! Good job. Now go back to bed.

  • Your hair is unavoidably cute in the birthing tub scene.

  • I’m looking forward to this series because I’m due in March and maybe I’ll learn something. I’ll probably take a class or two, yet TBD, but these videos will probably be funnier than those classes.

    By the way, did you keep up an ashtanga practice while you were pregnant with Jackson? I have really fallen out of practicing but have wild fantasies of getting right back into it next summer.

  • You guys are so nice.

    Katie, I did keep up my ashtanga practice while I was pregnant, and then in the last month I caved in and just did pregnant lady yoga in the prenatal class. After the birth I took the recommended three months off, then jumped right back in. That first full practice was almost an out-of-body experience.

  • Ooooh, Ina May, I LOVE her. So wise, so practical, so natural. I was most def going to have my baby in the woods, with the wind in my hair, candles on trees, an audience of owls etc. And then the little brat refused to move, displaying what I now know is characteristic stubbornness, so I went anti-hippy instead, and had a lovely morphine-filled mini-break in hospital. And then again, by choice, 18 months later. Sorry Ina. Anyhoo…. Will we non-American dwellers be able to watch this series? Not that there are going to be any more hospital mini-breaks in this house, but just, you know, to check out how great you guys are…