It’s OK, I can take it

On January 20, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

I know you’ve been concerned about my inability to answer the world’s most benign question (“How are you?”), so you’ll be relieved to know that I’ve gotten over it. It wasn’t the incredible depth of my self-examination that brought me to enlightenment but the fact that three weeks of holidays/school vacation/no alone time, ever, were finally over. For a time, it was all I could do to arrange my face in into something resembling human civility.  But now that order has been restored (my child is back in school! I had a week off of work! I doubled my morning coffee consumption!) my little human-relations problem seems to have resolved itself.

I didn’t manage to Popcorn Whisper this week, but I did post a thing over at The Stir where I use celebrities and E. B. White to explain Chinese astrology.

Even with only 12 signs, Chinese astrology runs on a 60-year cycle. Elements come into play (earth, fire, water, wood, and metal), as well as our old friends yin (female) and yang (male). So as we leave 2011, the year of the yin metal rabbit, 2012 will be the year of the yang water dragon, 2013 will be the year of the yin water snake, and so on forever until you don’t need to care anymore because you’ll be dead.

All right, I have to go, Coneheads is on.



6 Responses to “It’s OK, I can take it”

  • Every time my boss walks in the office, he asks me “What’s going on?” really enthusiastically. Sometimes he’ll repeat it, “What’s going on? What’s going on?” Is there any more unanswerable question? I am at WORK, and it SUCKS, is what’s going on. At first I tried saying “nothing” but he didn’t seem to like that. I tried “the usual,” and he seemed nonplussed. Last time I answered, “you know, business,” and he laughed a little. I WISH I could just get “how are you?” At least I know what the answer’s supposed to be.

  • Ah, enlightenment. I think I had a 5 minute enlightenment after eating some blue corn chips recently. For some of us it comes and goes but I hope yours lasts!

  • @Diary of Why: I had a boss who would roam up and down the hall every morning asking “Everybody percolatin’ today?” The first couple of times I thought it was cute. Then I got to where I would find a way to not be at my desk just to avoid her saying it to me.

  • Am also Rabbit. Yay. Married to a Pig, which, whew. We’re both happy it turned out that way. Actually considering she’s of Chinese descent we never would have wed if we weren’t compatible signs, so, INEVITABLE.

  • Every single form of woo tells me I (a fire-snake Taurus) am supposed to be good with money. That alone is enough to convince me astrology is bunk.

  • As Nora said. I’ve married two monkeys and they are so radically different you’d be pretty sure one was a sloth and the other a fire-eating dragon monkey hybrid…that and all the cheerfulness is enough to convince me astrology is bunk. Bunk….goodness I love that word.