On January 5, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Every year the monarch butterflies migrate to this one stand of eucalyptus trees north of Santa Barbara, and then they fuck their brains out.

And then they flap around in ecstasy because OMG BUTTERFLY PROMISCUITY. It’s like when all those people were cast as Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz and they got to mingle with people their size, some for the first time ever. The whole thing turns one big (and it the butterflies’ case, not-terribly-explicit) orgy.

Naturally, we had to take Jackson.

We’re progressive parents, after all, and why just talk about the birds and the bees when you can actually watch butterflies fuck until they die? I think that’s how it works.

We asked Jackson all the important questions (Do butterflies lay eggs? Do they bury each other at sea?) since he had a unit on butterflies three grades ago, but he was all, Really? Do I look like Google to you?



3 Responses to “Lepidopterology”

  • They DIE? The butterflies DIE? I heard about this butterfly migration but no one mentioned they all die. Geez.

    Jackson looks like he already knew though.

  • We’ve popped in a couple of times to see this on south-to-north road trips. I think I saw a few butterflies smoking post-coital cigarettes. I was surprised the eucalyptus didn’t catch fire.