Peace out

On January 27, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Videos of people waiting and trying to be still because they think I’m just trying to take their picture delight me for some reason.

If that didn’t do it for you, maybe my latest thing over at The Stir will suit your mood. My best actor and actress Oscar predictions are informed by nothing but whimsy and hubris, as will surprise no one. Have a wonderful weekend wherever you end up standing, sitting, or lying down, on camera or off.



3 Responses to “Peace out”

  • I love that at the exact time your kid does a peace sign the dog throws it’s hip out in a pose also. Please tell me that was rehearsed!

  • I don’t have anywhere near that amount of control over either of them.

  • My mom made the mistake of buying a video camera when I 13 and my sister was 11.

    90% of her recorded content was, “Mooooom..are you recording? Aaarghhh!!!” with attendant scuttling out-of-frame.

    We were not a family destined to have loads of heartwarming home movies. The only good one was the one where I got the family dog so hyper that she jumped up and nipped my butt. That was pretty funny.