That whale’s going to have one hell of a bruise

On January 9, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Last night, about 1:30 in the morning, I heard a BANG. At first I thought maybe a box fell over in the next room — I’d bought some boots online as an early birthday present to myself but they were too small so I had to repack them to send back, but I’d left the box on top of a Salvation Army donations bag and it had already slid off once, so maybe it slid off again? I couldn’t imagine it would make that sharp a noise, but there was no way to know unless I got up and looked. I got up and looked, the box was where I’d left it.

I opened the door to Jackson’s room.

“What are you doing here?”

“I heard a BANG.”

“No kidding. It ruined the dream I was having.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. Why is my Xbox turned sideways?”

His Xbox was sideways, and the pile of headphones and cords that normally lives underneath the Xbox had been blown a foot to the right. Also a box full of Lego people was all over the floor.

I opened his window shade and looked out. Nothing unusual. It didn’t occur to me that there might be a bullet hole somewhere. No, that didn’t occur to me until I’d gone back to bed and decided it would be a good time to terrify myself. (There is no bullet hole.)

Right now my options for an explanation are as follows:

  • The Navy is refining their pinpoint sonic testing out in the Channel and one of their beams ricocheted off a whale and the shock wave hit Jackson’s wall
  • Pinpoint earthquake
  • Psychic phenomenon/haunting/poltergeist/full moon
  • Meteorite?
  • Help?



20 Responses to “That whale’s going to have one hell of a bruise”

  • Mythbusters. Definitely Mythbusters.

  • I vote earthquake. We had a doozy a couple decades ago at our old house on the Rincon — those of us in the east bedrooms heard a BANG and felt a BIG SHOCK from what would be the basement if there were a basement. Apparently it was a teensy 2.0 quake, right under the PCH.

  • Does the Xbox work now? Did you have some kind of crazy strong power surge that blew through it?

  • Sign up for earthquake watch or earthquake emails or tweets. There are earthquakes happening constantly. It probably was that.

    But I vote for poltergeist. Definitely poltergeist.

  • Just make sure your family all sleep with feet securely under the covers.

    I’ve heard some stories.

  • Um, if it were my kid, I would say he might be lying about being asleep and that maybe he was goofing around. Can’t say the same about yours though.

  • Recently in the middle of the night my son’s remote-controlled airplane suddenly flew off the charger and across the room, crashing into his closet. The sound of the propellers whirring fruitlessly made me think, when it woke me up, that it was a chainsaw. Importantly, the airplane’s switch was OFF.

    In other words, I think you also have a poltergeist. It’s friendly, so that’s good.

  • Were you asleep? I’ve noticed when I’m in a certain stage of sleep external noises (like bangs, barking dogs, snores…) seem a lot louder than they actually are. Maybe there was a small “bang” from your son’s room, and your unconscious brain magnified it.

  • When in doubt, blame the pets!

  • I had my bike parked in the hallway when the front tire exploded. It made a super loud bang and everyone searched high and low for an explanation. It was only when I went to ride home and saw the completely flat tire did it all make sense.
    Maybe something popped in the area of the xbox?

  • Did your furnace/air/fan/whatever just kick on? When ours does and there has been a temp change outside in the last day or so, the pressure changes so drastically that it causes boxes to fall or doors to slam or piles to topple when the furnace/air kicks on. Very strange. I used to think we might be haunted too (b/c I was usually asleep until the noise happened, duh), but I went through a bout of insomina and noticed twice in one night that when the furnace kicked on, a door shut (second time, a box fell off my armoire).

    Also, steph may be on to something. That’s happened with my kid once or twice too.

  • I blame all household disturbances on the cats, but since you don’t have that as an explanation, maybe the bulldog just pooted really hard and knocked everything over.

  • We used to have a cat that had mild seizures from time to time. This usually manifested as her blacking out face down in the food dish, but once she woke from a sound sleep, pooped, and shot across the kitchen, knocking over the toaster. So maybe the X-box is epileptic?

  • Put a magnet on the rock, meteorites attract magnets.

  • Something similar happened to me one night in a Florida beach house. I was upstairs, my boyfriend was downstairs, and we both heard a loud, local crash. It sounded like a television had dropped from the third-story window. We searched the house, inside and out, and found nothing. I think meteorite was a good guess.