I can see!

On February 3, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

A couple of weeks ago I finally got my eyes checked. (Life List! Or, if not Life List, then Life Errand.) After checking my eyes and examining the eBay reading glasses that have been living on top of my head for the last two years, my optometrist told me that I might be a good candidate for contact lenses. Apparently there is science that allows people who use reading glasses to have tiny, wet reading glasses hugging their eyeballs all day long, while also allowing them to see far away, drive without crashing into walls, etc. “How does that work?” I asked skeptically. My optometrist felt that it would be a better use of our time not to explain the physics of lenses, but to make me follow the tip of his pen until my eyes crossed.

Monday I went to pick up my contact lenses. They were hard lenses, so he put some desensitizing drops in my eyes to make them easier to adjust to. I spent the next three days with watery eyes, being unable to read. At the same time as I got my lenses I had also purchased a new pair of back-up bifocals for times when I didn’t want to deal with the contact lenses, which turns out to be always. I always don’t want to poke myself in my wandering eye, or watch both lenses disappear up into my brain with little hope of getting them out without the use of abrasive tools and prayer. I know, there’s an adjustment period, and I didn’t really give them a chance. But I am a glasses person, it seems. I know that now, deep in my heart, and I embrace it without regret.

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  • I like your new frames!

  • Oh same here. Sooo not a contacts person. Besides, girls in geeky glasses kick ass. Also: your new frames look fantastic on you!

  • I already wear contacts, but I’m strenuously resisting the increasingly obvious fact that I also need to wear reading glasses. I’m glad no one was watching the pathetic scene the last time I needed to thread a needle. However, since I am really good at denial, I imagine it’ll be a little while longer before I bow to the realities of the situation.

    • Is it possible you need different light? I bought an Ottlite lamp at Lowes; natural spectrum light with no glare. It’s made all the difference in the world with my reading and close work.

      • I’d been bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t read small print anymore (and by “small” I mean regular, book-sized type). Then one day last summer I was reading a book at the beach when it occurred to me that words weren’t fuzzy at all–I just needed more light. I will have to invest in this Ottlite lamp of which Phyllis speaks.

  • as a fairly blind person who only wears contacts for swimming and yoga class I support this entirely. glasses are the ultimate accessory. I am low maintenance in all things (a 33 year old with a lot of gray hair but I have no time/patience for the dyes (and their chemical 99 problems)). Also I am wearing my fussy shirt today at work. And you should submit a pic here, snappy dresser. MLS or no you are working in the info biz: http://librarianwardrobe.com/

  • Hard lenses are crazy hard to adjust to. I got mine when I was in 6th grade and every night both my parents would have to help me get them out of my eyes at night. It was a major learning process for me, I did not get it. After I did finally adjust to them they turned out to be the best thing ever. I laughed at all those soft-contact wearing people who had to spend money on contacts every, single, month. That is until my new eye doctor decided it was more fun to throw money in the trash and switched me to soft as well. I wear my glasses a lot more now!

  • Glasses4lyfe.

  • Why in the world did he give you hard lenses? I have soft multi-focals that are contacts for those of us who are getting older and need help with our far AND our near vision. You can’t feel soft lenses in your eyes unless you get a speck of dust or something under them. Hard lenses feel like a big piece of plastic in your eye. (Because it is.)

  • Hard lenses sound terrible. I’ve worn soft contacts for many years, and I cannot wear glasses because I hate not being able to see clearly in all directions. I think glasses look great on certain people, like you, but not so flattering for me!

  • I completely agree with you about some people being glasses people, and they are a wonderful accessory. And truly, your new frames look fantastic on your face! (… with your face? You and your face look great in those glasses.)

  • Love the shape of your new frames. They really flatter you!

  • I wore contacts for three months. It took two months to get used to them, and then a month later I got married, and on my wedding night I took them out and never ever put them back in. I’ve been wearing glasses ever since (18+ years). Glasses are cool.

  • Love your new specs! They co-operate with your face instead of fighting with it like your old ones. I’m definitely a glasses person too. Would not want anything hugging my eyeballs or being in a position to disappear up into my brain!

  • I keep wondering when I will have to give up the Everything for a Dollar Store glasses. Probably after I crash into a wall when I am trying to read a map and drive at the same time.

    My big issue with glasses is that I will lose them. I’m not exactly creating good glass retaining habits owning 15 pairs of $1.00 glasses.

    But you’ve pretty much made me realized that I can’t handle contacts either.

  • I have been wearing soft contacts for 30 years. I hate the feeling of glasses on my nose and ears. It is a learning curve for them and if you don’t like them, I don’t blame you. Glasses are easy and fashionable. You have a face for them.

  • I wear contacts occasionally. When swimming or at an amusement park. But I’m a glasses girl. Love having something resting on my nose and partially obscuring my face from the world. And love the new frames.

  • Why, why, why would he give you hard contacts? Sort of shocked that they even make these anymore. Couldn’t image the discomfort. Eek. Never had a prob sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time with my softies – I wore soft contacts for two decades until I had Lasik surgery. Love! Best money I ever spent on myself. Might want to check to see if you’re a good candidate for that. In the meantime, rock the readers. ;-)

  • I can’t believe he prescribed hard lenses for you! I got my first pair of those things in 9th grade and I thought they would kill me. The eye doctor said they feel better after you develop calluses ON THE INSIDES OF YOUR EYELIDS.
    He was right, but even after years of wearing them, one stray eyelash could still paralyze me with pain. I was, however, content to tolerate them in the name of adolescent vanity. Thirty years later I was super glad to trade them in for soft lenses. Of course now middle age requires me to wear reading glasses. sigh.

  • The new glasses look fabulous on you!

    I watched all my high school friends wander around looking up, down, or rubbing their eyes while they tried to deal with and/or find their contacts. I’m super insanely sensitive to things in/on my body. Lucky for me I can tolerate glasses but the idea of contacts gives me shivers.

  • I got hard contacts 22 years ago, when I was nine, and have worn them ever since (with the exception of one horrible year on Accutane). A couple of years ago, I asked my then-optometrist his opinion on soft lenses, and whether I should switch. He said given his preference, he would put everyone in hard lenses: cheaper, less prone to infection, and stronger correction. I strongly dislike wearing glasses, but you look fab in yours!

  • Nice new frames. (I like the old ones too, but the new ones put that little Mona Lisa smile on your face, didn’t they?) I’m a glasses girl too; they give me something to hide behind.

  • Oh yes. I see it now. Your rare beauty. Your innate whimsy. Your hint of irony. Perfectly framed.