I invite you to go elsewhere

On March 23, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

I have two posts up in other places this week, both of them exciting investigations into the deep, dark subject of celebrities that I think are cute. The one up at The Popcorn Whisperer is entitled, Movie Clips I’d Like to See at the 2013 Oscars. My main goal was to write something that would reveal myself to myself, but then I got lazy and stopped wondering why I have so much affection for a bunch of famous people I’ve never met. How adorable do I find Drew Barrymore? Very. Paul Rudd? Charming as pie. But it’s Laurence Fishburne I’ll always adore no matter how pouchy he gets, because I remember when he was just Larry, a gangly teenager grooving his way upriver in Apocalypse Now, and then the next thing I knew he was goofy Cowboy Curtis wooing Miss Yvonne with all his twangling heart, and then what? Super sexy in Deep Cover (with my other boyfriend, Jeff Goldblum), and then bam! Othello! Which you’d think would be the pinnacle of his career, but no, suddenly he’s wearing a long leather coat and unlocking the secret of time itself for an addled Keanu Reeves. He’s just two heartbeats away from becoming Darth Vader’s cranky grandfather in a chrome helmet, and I’m probably going to start a Tumblr called fuckyeahlaurencefishburne. I’ll let you know if that happens. I’m still kind of busy unpacking.

The other thing I wrote is 5 Ways to Meet Celebrities Without Looking Like a Stalker, which started as an off-the-cuff idea that a couple of editors really responded to, but writing it made me realize how sadly excited I’ve been to run into movie stars throughout my life. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m kind of repressed and these people get to be emotionally vulnerable for a living, and so they appear to be living out parts of my life that I don’t have the guts to inhabit, or what. I’m sure studies have been done. (Oh, look, here’s one: Celebrity Worship Syndrome. I’m going to go ahead and self-diagnose on the not-pathological end of the scale.)

In conclusion, thank you for reading, click on those links and read me elsewhere if it sounds like something you want to do, and let’s all have the nicest weekend possible!



5 Responses to “I invite you to go elsewhere”

  • I have clicked and read.

    Ef YEAH Lawrence Fishburne!!!

    And you remember him from Apocalypse Now. I love you for that.

    Jeff Goldblum-Nooooooo.

    By the way I was standing right next to my very favorite actor in the entire universe–EVER–Jeff Bridges. No one was around and I was with my daughter. We were at the movies. He got to go to the movies alone. So I felt terrible about bothering him. He was going incognito. So I didn’t bother him. And I will ALWAYS regret it. Because my kid could have met him. So maybe add a PS there–there is this huge problem where you have to bug the celebrity and that actually is probably a skill in itself.

    (I didn’t regret it until I had to explain that I saw him and we were all by ourselves but I didn’t really meet him. Then I realized that was a sucky story. And I am an idiot.)

  • Also–Celebrity Worship Syndrome. Thanks for that! I love to hear about new pathologies.

  • You clearly live in California:) When I first moved here it was to do my fellowship at Childrens Hospital. One of my cohorts was obsessed with celebrities. She could have used this article. It was so hilarious, though, because she never had any celebrity sightings or encounters the entire time she was here. Which is bizarre in and of itself. She was like the celebrity repellent. We saw them everywhere and used to bring her pics.

  • AH! I thought I was the only person still in love with “Deep Cover!”
    PLEASE start that tumblr right away.

    Also, thank you so much for your bit about the joys of eating in your car. I love my car so much, and only in Southern California does it seem acceptable.

    My favorite SB celebrity sighting is still seeing Julia Child at the Fiesta 5 theater on State Street.

  • If you delight in glimpses of a young Laurence Fishburne, you totally need to track down an 80s movie called “Cherry 2000″. We watched it the other night and he has a two-second part. That made the movie for me.