On August 18, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Here’s another video, and it’s just 2:22 long so it’s not as much of a commitment as the previous one. It’s just me talking about some of my early movie man crushes. Some of them are a little embarrassing. In fact, I believe I unconsciously suppressed Jeff Goldblum because Jack gives me so much shit about how much I loved him in The Fly, but instead of going back to re-record my little speech to include him I just edited him in after the fact. So this is me speaking into an iPad, and then wondering why iMovie distorted my face so wonderfully that I almost threw everything out and started over, but then I remembered: I’m not a perfectionist. So enjoy my squashed-flat face, and let me know if you share any of my movie loves. I’m not threatened. There’s enough of Burt Reynolds to go around.

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  • I totally get Clark Gable, Gene Wilder, and Tim Curry. I love all of them even though they’re very different – it’s the swagger. They all have a kind of willingness to put themselves out there, what others think be damned. That’s sexy stuff.

  • “Leif Erickson” cracked my shit up.

    I had a huge crush on Jason Bateman about 25 years ago, and there’s something about Damian Lewis’ weird little mouth that just drives me up the wall.

  • Yes! Yes to Gene Wilder!!! For me it started with Willy Wonka, actually. Nobody has ever understood my Gene Wilder thing. I would still do…lots and lots of things to him, to present-day him, I mean. There’s just something about his eyes. I also absolutely get the Tim Curry-in-drag thing. I was pretty taken with him in Clue, as well, before I ever saw Rocky Horror. And Michael Caine was a big one for me, too — I first loved him in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels when I was very young, and when I saw the movie version of Noises Off when I was around junior high age, later, that absolutely sealed the deal for good. (My tastes have not gotten any less weird as an adult, you’ll be happy and/or disturbed to know.)

  • I still have crushes on Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland to this day, even present-day them. But most of my childhood crushes are dead and/or gay and/or older than my 92-year-old grandfather. That’s not weird, right?

  • You are perfect for video. Totally adorable.

  • What, no John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever??

    I, too, crushed on William Hurt; looking back, however, I can’t recall why. As a teen I had a mad crush on Brad Davis in “Midnight Express” and I kept waiting for him to reappear in another movie; eventually, I gave up.

    My 14-y.o. daughter is quite smitten with Christopher Plummer in “The Sound of Music.”

  • Dick Van Dyke, Ray Milland, and Cary Grant. Your hair looks good.

  • Larry Wilcox, Leslie Howard, Kevin Costner, Connor Trinneer. Currently – David Tennant. *sighhhhhhhh*

  • Geeeeene Wiiiiilder! I’m still in love with him. My other childhood crushes included Art Garfunkel, Keifer Sutherland, and Neil Patrick Harris (who I would sneak glances at in my friend Beth’s Tiger Beat while trying to pretend I was too cool for such things). Also the guy who played Biff in Back to the Future. Who I just found out plays the tuba, which makes him all the cuter in my book (I personally was lead tuba in my high school marching band. We could play oom-pah music together).

  • andy gibb. my first love. today, at nearly 43, when i run across one of his songs on the radio, my heart catches a little.

    in my teens there was an actor named jon-erik hexum, who i found very handsome. he died in ’84-ish. andy died in ’88. young, cute & dead.

    wonder where lance kerwin is?

    • Ohhhh, yes to Andy Gibb! I still remember him in those flared white polyester pants with matching vest, sometimes with a red shirt unbuttoned to form a nice plunging neckline.

      His death made me mad at Victoria Principal.

  • When I was a young teenager I loved the movie “Stealing Home” with Jodie Foster and Mark Harmon. The teenage version of Mark Harmon’s character was played by William McNamara . Oh how I loved that guy. Never have seen him again in anything else.
    Also, Ricky Schroeder. Ricky -not- Rick.

  • Thanks to a childhood filled with daytime and primetime dramas, my first crushes were Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio, General Hospital), Michael Nader (Dex Dexter, Dynasty)…and most of all William Devane (Gregory Sumner, Knot’s Landing). I’ve gotten over the first two, but the husband knows that Devane is on The List, even though he’s pushing 70.

  • I still swoon when I see re-runs of Independence Day and Jeff Goldblum struts across the desert in his astronaut jumpsuit.

  • Pre-teen and teen years in the ’80′s for me. I was mad for Pierce Brosnan and Mel Gibson. Willem Defoe was someone who might make some people go, huh? But he’s hot in my opinion. Jeff Goldblum, yes.
    Remember Jon Erik Hexum? Loved him. So sad.
    Ooh! Someone mentioned Lance Kerwin. Sigh.

    Harrison Ford still. sort of.

    Keeping with your old-school hollywood crush, I was in love with Gary Cooper and Cary Grant. And still swoon a bit over Joel McCrea.

    Fun post. Obviously we can’t dictate over whom our heart goes aflutter. We’re all a bit quirky!

  • Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl. All day long.

  • God you are cute…..

  • Mr Kenndey is correct, and oh so yes to the Idris Elba crush.

  • This is freaky. All my same childhood and teen crushes. Gene Wilder! Yes. Except I also had crushes on James Dean, Martin Sheen and Peter O’Toole. Also, the entire case of Monty Python.

    It’s so strange to think about this. My taste in men massively changed at some point. Although I guess you could say the thin nerdy sensitive smart thing was an undercurrent that remains to this day.

  • Gene Wilder is ADORABLE. Idris is hot.
    I had a mad Jr. High addiction to James Garner in The Rockford Files.
    I’m currently crushing on Gene Kelly and Stephen Moyer, ’cause let’s face it… movie crushes ain’t just for tweens!