And now it’s Day Ten

On November 10, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Today’s drawings were done to accomplish two specific requests, one from a kind Twilight fan who asked for an Edward and Bella drawing, and that it not be sarcastic because she sincerely loves Twilight and she didn’t want me being all, “Ha ha, Edward looks like a muffin with pointy teeth.” But my first drawing was so terrible that I couldn’t send it to her. I know I’m supposed to practice drawing people for this life list business (which perhaps means I shouldn’t have used action figures as models), but I can’t in good conscience send out something like this:

I went on to just try to copy the hands-and-apple Twilight book covers, but you know what else is hard to draw? Hands holding apples.

At the moment I’m reading the book What Was She Thinking? (Notes on a Scandal) by Zoë Heller (which is fantastic, especially if can forget you saw the movie), and she has a funny throw-away description of a student’s drawing where the hands in it look like “odd, fingerless trowels.” I, too, am working at Odd Fingerless Trowel level, so I backed out and drew this instead:

Secondly, for the lovely person who asked for a drawing of a sheep or a dog, I did this:

Can you see?? It’s a sheep standing next to another sheep in sheep dog’s clothing. It’s funny because it’s true. Also, I couldn’t remember what sheep have on their feet, is it hooves? I just let them be little pegs instead. If you only had two sheep pegs to stand on it would be hard to keep your balance, but with four sheep pegs you’re good.



5 Responses to “And now it’s Day Ten”

  • But the sheep is looking at the dog/sheep with a look that says, “I’m really worried about you.” Which makes me think sheep understand deeply the irony of a sheep in a dog suit.

  • I love your sheep and sheep dog drawing. And pegs are totally stylized sheep appropriate, in my opinion. :)

  • these illustrated blog posts are making me VERY HAPPY… even before my morning tea.
    can you draw someone happy BEFORE their morning tea? (or coffee, for the real addicts.)

  • This is, hands down, the best NaBloPoMo ever. I’m loving Fussy art.