And now we are done

On November 30, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Well, thank you for joining me this November, I’m sorry I blew it and didn’t post every day but honestly, I have nothing to prove anymore. I’ve finished NaBlo a whole bunch of times, I deserve a few weekends off.

This drawing was requested by a friend who asked me to draw something his wife would like, and at the risk of spoiling the surprise — I am sending time-space brainwaves so she won’t check here until after her drawing comes in the mail — I went ahead and made this:

I like how the bear is trying to swat at the bird holding up the banner. The bear has no respect for symmetry, or for how much work it is for wee little birds to flap like hell to keep that banner up in the air. Bears just think they own everything!

(I’ll continue posting weekdays for at least another month as I really, really want to get these all done before Xmas.)



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