On November 11, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

This first drawing started out as Mark Twain, and then Jackson came up and said, “Oh, Einstein,” so of course then I put his head on a pole and added a bunny. I really wanted to start adding color to these, but if I bust out the colored pencils the people at the end of the line won’t see their drawings until there’s another Clinton in the White House (Chelsea, most likely).

I was not able to find a strict attribution for this quote, because as we all know the Internet loves photos of Einstein overlaid with quotes that he didn’t actually say. So the source was not impeccable (its earliest source is a book of Einstein quotes published in 1996) but of course I didn’t even bother to try to verify in until I’d finished the drawing. So that’s a lesson learned.

The direction for this second drawing was “a crow or crows.”

I didn’t mean for it to turn into a rejected New Yorker cartoon, but I wanted them to be talking and I wanted to incorporate the collective noun for a group of crows, which as you know is a murder. I don’t know if single crows ask to join established groups but I’m pretty sure they’re smart enough to ask politely.

Thus endeth Day Eleven of National Blog Posting Month.



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