Day Four: A Miracle

On November 4, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Okay, kids, for days Four and Five of this month I have an anonymous donor who will match everything you contribute to my Charity Water/Red Cross fund, up to $1,000. If you send $5, I will draw almost whatever you want on a postcard and send it to you, and for $15 I’ll frame it, but more importantly, thanks to our anonymous friend, your $5 will magically turn into $10 and your $15 will swell into $30. It will all go straight to the Red Cross AND you’ll get the weirdest charity acknowledgment that I’ve ever heard of. Do it! It’s crazy and amazing that whatever you give will be doubled!

In other news, Friday was my — let’s see, we got married in 1996, so that means it was our sixteenth wedding anniversary. Holy shit, right? We’ve had our ups and downs — I’d go so far as to say that we’ve had entire years that weren’t a lot of fun — but things are pretty good right now. So to commemorate the union of one person who loves olives and one person who thinks olives are disgusting (but olive oil is fine, and even kalamata paste is do-able), the non-olive-lover (me) bestowed upon the olive lover (Jack) this handcrafted and badly photographed olive snuggling device:

(Jack got me flowers and sushi, which is exactly what I wanted.)



11 Responses to “Day Four: A Miracle”

  • I donated!

  • Okay I donated $5 the other day, and then $5 more today because of your friend who will match. I may even donate again before you close up this shop. I think at this point the Red Cross every $5 bill I have.

  • “needs”

  • Done! (under zandermanda)

  • Thanks to you guys, and to everyone who’s donated, I’m e-mailing everyone tomorrow and getting the drawings out this week and next week!

  • I also do not like olives (I wouldn’t go so far as to call them disgusting, but I do not eat them on purpose), yet I love olive oil, and all other things pickled, briny, and salty (except capers — I will actually call them disgusting, because they are). So I always feel like I _should_ like olives, because I like so many other similar things. But every time I give them another try, just to see…nope. (Also I am going and donating $5 right now, because although I had already donated a bit directly, I think I really do need a drawing of funny animals wearing accessories from you to make my life complete-r.)

  • I donated! I hope it’s not too late for the matching.

  • Ah – with more matching funds, I donated (even though Paypal thinks I am my wife). I am, I cried. I am, said I……. I am…not my my wife….’s keeper? I guess I really am. A closet ND fan.

  • Oh – and if it helps direct the donation, last year I donated to a campaign to purchase a drilling truck to help African villages have their own wells. I think it was via this same organization, but I cannot remember who;s campaign it was.