On November 26, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

So I had to re-do the first “bring your own weather to the picnic” drawing because it turned out that the person who asked for it wanted fancy lettering and not necessarily a smug cat and a confused owl. She would have been fine with the animals, but she didn’t ask for animals, so I took it as an opportunity to acknowledge the terrible flaws in my reading comprehension and I drew anew.

THEN I came face to face with a drawing that would include John Hodgman and Maria Bamford. WELL, that is surely a test of my fledgling person-drawing abilities and I had to do a lot of erasing. I was sitting in my car killing time before my optometrist appointment and now my floor mats are covered in little pink eraser shreds. I’m pretty sure this is going to get a do-over as well, but I might as well post my failures here as well as my successes, for they are both humbling and entertaining.

I have this idea that Maria Bamford might be a little phone phobic so she makes one of her pugs answer the phone, although I’m not sure why John Hodgman wouldn’t know the difference between the sound of a ringing phone and a bunch of wet snuffling noises. This whole concept needs some work.



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