Problem solved!

On December 6, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Well, this was truly a waste of a day off, I didn’t get enough sleep last night and now I’m all graggy and unfocused. I did manage to do this:

Want to avoid drawing human legs and feet? Slap in a mermaid. Having trouble drawing eyes? Give her some sunglasses. PROBLEM SOLVED.

I had some wine last night, and normally that wouldn’t really matter but I happened to wake up around 4:30 a.m. and I wanted a drink of water, and then I just lay there thinking about my big toe, which has been sensitive lately. Just the top of it. It’s not red, I can’t see a splinter, it just feels a little sore to the touch, so as of 4:30 this morning I’m pretty sure I have gout. I don’t even want to Google it because Google will just laugh at me.



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  • “Graggy” = groggy + haggy

  • Ha ha! Those 3-4am thoughts, they’re the pits, aren’t they? I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve lain in the dark and convinced myself I have cancer, dwelling on some minor irregularity that I don’t even notice in daylight hours. And as for thoughts about career, husband, children, past, future and everything else in between… it’s taken most of my life, but finally I’ve learned not to listen to my brain in the small hours.

  • Crab looks concerned but at the same time kind of “here we go again.”

  • I don’t know about that crab, whether he’s trying to console her or pinch her.

  • Thanks forthe picture.. yeah you can watch a movie a mermaid half body is for fish. but no need to be afraid for that they will not hurt you just be friend also to them.

    We need to be nice with them,because they said they have a magic so don’t hurt so that they will not hurt you or don’t get something that from the mermaid.

  • Taking the 6th of december off…might make you Finnish! In which case, Happy Belated Independence Day! If not the case, Yay Finland anyway!

    • What?! I’m 25% Finnish, if you must know, so I’m happy to have inadvertently observed the day.
      (Psst, who are we independent from? Is it those smug Swedes?)
      (I’m 25% Swedish, too, so I’ll declare independence from myself. It only seems right.)

  • Hi, Eden! I found you from Babble’s top 100 (congrats!) After reading this post, I feel like we’re the same person! I, too, could not sleep in the middle of the night, and my big toe has been hurting for a week now! You’d think having a dad as a podiatrist would be helpful in this situation, but nope. His solution? “Soak it in white vinegar and water.” Anywho… I didn’t get up out of bed to draw, but rather choreographed dances in my head. Productive, no?

  • My left big toe was like that at the beginning of this year, and after it hurt for several months, I realized the toenail had stopped growing. I slathered it in Neosporin and wrapped it in a bandaid and after about a week, it quit hurting; about a month later, I saw that a whole new toenail was growing in under the old one.

    So somehow I managed to kill my toenail without any trauma! I am MAGIC.

  • best wishes with the toe. your posts about oddball medical worries makes me feel better (and normal), so thank you. wasn’t there a post about heart palpitations and wine a couple of years ago? i’m trying to blame my PAC and/or PVC quirky beat on dark red wine, after the emergency room had no answers other than give up my morning 2 cups o’joe. :(