These things evolve

On December 3, 2012 by Eden M. Kennedy

Well, it was a busy weekend! It was nice and rainy and cozy and I got some drawing done. I have about 56 more drawings to do before Xmas arrives, so I hope this eye strain doesn’t sent me to my fainting couch with a cool compress over my face. Maybe some Visine will help, and a new prescription for my glasses, which should be coming this week. Fascinating!

Here we have a request for “an animal or a dinosaur.” I chose dinosaur!

Then I had a request for a woman with bangs and a ponytail doing an “awesome asana,” with optional inspiring yogic quote. Here I had to look through my yoga books to find a photo to base my sketch on. I always thought that Mira Mehta was an elegant model.

I dipped into Steve Ross’s Happy Yoga to find a quote, which for some reason I attributed to “el Buddha,” since writing “The Buddha” felt dumb. El Buddha has more pizzazz.

Now that I look at these two images side by side I see that I didn’t crank her torso quite enough, and that the lettering gets off-line, but I’m still pretty happy with this one.

The next request was this: “I’m a brand new criminal defense attorney, how about something for my office the depicts me as a petite girl arguing victoriously in court in really, really good shoes.” So there was no way I could avoid drawing people anymore. In fact, I had to draw a whole mess of them, as well as shoes.

Hoo boy, I tried. Can you tell I put in a Viking to distract you from the flaws in my figure drawing and draftsmanship? I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking, “I can’t send that out, it still needs help.” In my sleep-deprived haze this morning I mis-remembered the description for this as “arguing victoriously in court wearing kick-ass shoes,” so when I got back to my desk I penciled in the words KICK ASS, which nicely took advantage of her leg as the top of the K.

Though I am a little bit concerned that the person who wanted this is a kind, decent soul who would who will not want the word ASS in her drawing. Sigh.

Then I got to the request for “a nautical theme, I think … wooden sailboat, narwhal whales and some kind of sea creature wearing a red ‘jacques cousteau’ hat.” At this point I had opened up Kate Beaton’s web site and decided I should try using the brush pen that I’d bought but never opened.

This was the other thing that kept me awake last night. I knew I needed to re-do it using a regular Micron pen, and then I changed it around a bit.

Then I was curious about how the lettering might look in black. All I had to fill in the letters was a Sharpie, which maybe isn’t the most precise pen in the world.

I cleaned it up a tiny bit after taking its photo but it’s back to Art Essentials for some pen guidance for me. I have to work the next couple of days but I’ll post what I can, once I see what kind of progress I can make during my lunch breaks. Who needs to eat? Not me! The only sustenance I need is art! And the occasional bag of popcorn.



11 Responses to “These things evolve”

  • the only thing in this post i love even more than the drawings is the grammatically precise use of “its” and “it’s” in the preantepenultimate line. except maybe the octopus in jacques cousteau hat even trumps correct apostrophe allocation.

  • I really like how the viking seems to be gazing appreciatively at the lawyer. Like, “yeah, you know what? You make a solid point. Tell me more.”

  • I love the Cousteau drawing – the curvy but minimal lines!

    Go Eden, go!

  • Yay! That’s my awesome asana right there. Thank you!!

  • Okay, I love the Cousteau thing, but I ALSO love that this is meaning you’re still blogging post-NaBlo, much to my selfish delight.

  • The Cousteau drawing is mine! I cant wait till it arrives, thank you – I love it.

  • Seriously, you are slaving away at this money-raising endeavor. The people sending you the money are getting their money’s worth and you are working like a dog here–[although most dogs don't work at all]–Kudos!

    I love Kick Ass. I can’t believe any budding attorney wouldn’t find that utterly inspiring.

  • Oh my good gravey, I just got the chubby triceratops in the mail today. IT IS MINE! I love it so hard I could burst. Thank you, thank you!! SQUEEEE!